The UAE Will Witness A Gradual Decrease In Temperature In September

by Deeplata Garde
The UAE Will Witness A Gradual Decrease In Temperature In September

Woke up to less sweat while staying at Emirates? Well, the reason behind the decrease in temperature in UAE as the summer season leaves the region. September is the last month of the summer in UAE. If you thought winter was fast approaching, then you are mighty right. The National Centre of Meteorology predicts that the day will be fair overall, with occasional periods of partial cloudiness.

Temperature Drops In UAE As Summers Say Bye

The Arabian Peninsula will experience desert thermal lows as the Indian Monsoon Depression gradually weakens. These lows may occasionally have poor horizontal visibility and be accompanied by somewhat fresh winds that will stir up dust. In its September climate report, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicts that temperatures will start to fall this month, especially at night. The monthly report came up on Thursday morning. The winter solstice occurs on September 23, when the sun is perpendicular to the horizon and advances southward toward the orbit of Capricorn, in the second half of the month.


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Foggy Conditions May Arise Soon

Early in the morning, dense clouds will develop over the eastern shore as there’s a decrease in temperature

The nation might experience highs of 44 °C. In Abu Dhabi, it will be 43 °C, while in Dubai, it will be 41 °C. However, Abu Dhabi and Dubai might experience lows of 29°C and 30°C, respectively.

The humidity will range from 20% to 90% in the evening and early on Saturday. Over some internal and coastal areas, the production of fog or mist is possible. Refreshing, light to moderate winds blow. This might result in blowing dust during the day.

The Oman Sea and the Arabian Gulf will have mild sea conditions.

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