The Whale In Norway Is Going To Transform Your Whale Watching Experience

The Whale
by Pratiksha Acharya
by Pratiksha Acharya 1362

Of all the places in the world, Norway has got to be one of the most unique ones. Known as The Land Of The Midnight Sun, Norway boasts of some of the most wondrous sights that you can’t possibly see anywhere else in the world. You can chase the Northern Lights that light up the sky. Watch out for a sunset in the summer where the sun doesn’t go down until midnight. Or even see the majestic fjords that are an integral part of Norway. But out of all the things that you can do in Norway, the one thing that stands out is whale watching.  Norway is one of the prime locations to see the giant beings in their habitat. And now Norway is making it even more accessible.

The Whale

Image credits: George Karbus

The Whale In Norway

By 2022, you could take a trip to Norway to watch whales from, wait for it, The Whale. We can already see the question marks popping up over your head. Norway has announced that they are working on creating a viewing platform in Andøya for people to watch migrating whales in the dark waters of the Norwegian Sea. Approximately 500,000 visit the island of Andenes every year to watch the whales and now Andøya will get its share of visitors too. The viewing point is nothing short of an architectural wonder and is shaped like a whale’s back. The northwestern shores of Andøya bring in a lot of squids and the whales follow their prey making it one of the best places to see the mammals in action.

The Whale

Image credits: Forbes

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The project is going to be headed by Danish architectural firm, Dorte Mandrup. Following their win at the competition, the CEO of the project called their design “poetic and lowkey”.

We are pretty excited about what this structure is going to look like and 2022 just seems too far away. But you don’t need to wait for the next couple of years to visit Norway. The beautiful country should be on your bucket list regardless.

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