Sublimotion, World’s Most Expensive And Immersive Restaurant Offers An Ultra-Luxe Experience At AED 5000 Per Person!

by Shrestha Purkayastha
Sublimotion, World’s Most Expensive And Immersive Restaurant Offers An Ultra-Luxe Experience At AED 5000 Per Person!

The world’s most expensive restaurant launched in November 2022 in Dubai is here to offer a pop-up experience with prices starting at AED5,000. The Sublimotion restaurant is planted in Mandarin Oriental Dubai from November 2022 until May 2023.

The Magnetic Hype Of This Restaurant Is Seductively Captivating

So, this isn’t just a restaurant, however. 10 whimsical courses that transform with every scene, prepared with the finest ingredients. The food is a delicious addition to the 360-degree theatrical performance. Yes, you read that right. A legit theatrical performance! The theatrical display includes 360-degree screens with imagery projected onto every surface. From the walls to the table, turning the dining room into a stage, the team into actors and just 12 lucky diners into stars. Now, here’s why ’12 lucky diners’ clinch the spotlight. The restaurant has just 12 seats. And each diner is waited on by an army of chefs, waiters, and even DJs supplying the most expensive dinner in the world.

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Feel The Pleasure Of Dining Alongside Leisure

You could just go for the whimsical dining or you could combine it with everything else. You can book the Ultimate Sublimotion Experience suite package in this luxurious beachfront resort in Dubai. The package is for two people. But if AED5,000 is just a chump change, why not upgrade to the Ultimate Sublimotion Experience? For AED19,000, you’ll get a pick-and-drop provision in a Tesla Model X. There’s more! You get to live in a ravishing suite with stunning skyline views. Relish welcome treats by Chef Paco Roncero. Ingest daily breakfast served in the chic setting of The Bay. Everyday access to the resort’s sophisticated Club Loung. A 60-minute Oriental Essence spa treatment along with dinner for two. Seems like this place wouldn’t let you shut your eyes even for a second.

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Oh, and just in case you were wondering, there is a dress code! They wouldn’t want you to wear sportswear, beachwear, torn jeans and flip-flops. Long pants are good though. The bottom line is smart elegant or national attire.

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You can book your dinner here. Before making your way to the royal red carpet, help yourself by visiting their official website Sublimotion Ibiza