There Is A Ghost Temple On Gata Loops Near Leh Where Water Bottles Are Offered To The Spirit

by Shreya Ghosh
There Is A Ghost Temple On Gata Loops Near Leh Where Water Bottles Are Offered To The Spirit

If you ever took a road trip from Manali to Leh on the Manali-Leh highway, you have surely come across ‘Gata Loops’. And if you haven’t travelled on that road yet, here is something that you need to know before embarking on the road trip journey. The famous Gata Loops on the way is home to a ghost temple and you will be shocked to see some things lying on the side.

There Is A Ghost Temple On Gata Loops!

This is a story dated decades back on the 10-km stretch of Gata Loops. While travelling on the Manali-Leh highway, you will get to witness some of the most beautiful sights and nature’s alluring beauty. Surrounded by mountains, the picturesque landscapes are a sight to behold! En route lies the ghost temple in the 19th bend of Gata Loops with 21 bends. While passing the bend, if you notice a huge amount of mineral water bottles and cigarette packets, understand that you are close to the ghost temple. You might feel confused thinking about the connection between bottles and cigarette packets with the ghost temple. Well, we have the clarification of that as well.

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Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

It Was A Very Unfortunate Incident!

The story dates back to 1999 when a truck was coming on this way. It was a chilly winter season and winters in these locations are unbearable with snowfall and extreme cold. While driving on the Gata Loops, the driver started facing problems with the vehicle because of heavy snowfall and uneven roads. In fact, the helper started feeling sick but unfortunately, there was no one except the truck driver to rescue him. In the 19th bend, both of them tried to repair the vehicle to continue the journey but they couldn’t repair it.

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With no sign of any help, the truck driver left the truck on the way and started walking towards a village to get hold of a mechanic. Meanwhile, the helper stayed inside as he was not feeling well. The driver reached Sarchu to find a car mechanic but sadly failed to reach back to Gata Loops due to immense snowfall. It took a few days for the weather to become normal and after that, the driver started walking back to the truck and the helper. Unfortunately, he returned to the dead body of his helper and the truck. He died because of hunger, thirst, and the unbearable cold. And then the locals decided to bury the body in that 19th bend of Gata Loops.

This Is Why Water Bottles Are Offered To The Spirit

This started the story of establishing the Ghost Temple. After this unfortunate case, soon travellers on that bend noticed a man asking for help and water. Soon they realised it is no one but the ghost of the truck helper. So the locals built a small temple to please him. And this is the reason why you will find water bottles and packets of cigarettes lying on the road near the 19th bend.

This story is being passed upon years after years. Some people have witnessed it while others did not. What do you think of this ghost temple?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay