There Is An Exclusive, Stars-Only Private Zoo In Dubai Called FAMEPARK, And Access For It Is Super Limited

by Deeplata Garde

What’s an ideal place you would like to visit if you were rich and famous? While you count the expensive experiences you want to visit, we have one thing that you might be not aware of. This place allows only exclusive people who have a fame story to share and show. So here’s what they call, the FAMEPARK by Emirati businessman Saif Belhasa. Let’s find out what’s so special about this place.

FAMEPARK Allows You To Enter Only If You Are Wealthy & Famous


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A private zoo that only welcomes visitors who are “someone” is also located in the city. It regularly accommodates well-known celebrities and visitors and has previously hosted actors, sports players, and singers like Steven Seagal, Mariah Carey, Anthony Joshua, Blac Chyna, Ne-Yo, Shilpa Shetty, Jason Derulo, and Lionel Messi.

Fame Park, an Emirati tycoon Saif Belhasa-owned zoo, is home to about 500 animals from over 95 species, including giraffes, wild bears, large cats, and a variety of monkeys. These rare animals are not available to everyone.

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So Why This Exclusivity?


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Visitors say it is a rare honour to be allowed into the zoo, which has drawn famous people from all over the world. The zoo is Belhasa’s personal interest. It is home to about 500 animals from over 95 species, including giraffes, wild bears, large cats, and other primates. The businessman explains why he wants to keep it confidential. Because it’s not a public location, he doesn’t open it to the general public. He wants guests to get the impression that they are visiting his home or farm. He must be present to look after visitors because of this.

Belhasa receives an ongoing flow of inquiries from people all over the world to come and see his farm. The man—who has since gained 2.2 million followers on Instagram alone—has rigorous requirements for the visitors. Belhasa prefers to keep crowds small to maintain safety in the park because not all of the animals are amused by unfamiliar visitors.

It is a significant undertaking for Belhasa because it costs a lot to maintain the zoo and its animals on a daily basis. Each month, just feeding the big cats costs tens of thousands of dollars.

So we understand why he’s keeping it to minimal visitors.

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/ Dr. Saif Ahmad Belhasa

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