There Is An Island Dedicated To Swimming Pigs In Bahamas! Your Next Travel Destination?

Are you ready for a pig-nic?

by Ankita Mazumdar
There Is An Island Dedicated To Swimming Pigs In Bahamas! Your Next Travel Destination?

Do you want to swim with cute piglets and pigs in the vast, clear turquoise waters of the Bahamas? Come to this amazing tourist attraction located in the Exuma Cays archipelago, which is only inhabited by feral pigs! There is no existence of human life and the entire Big Major Cay or Pig Island is dedicated to pigs in the Bahamas. That is so cool! If swimming on a beach with pigs and petting and feeding them for a memorable experience is what you’re looking for, do not skip this beach in the Bahamas.

Swim With The Pigs In The Bahamas At This Island

Imagine you are on one of the cleanest beaches you have ever laid eyes on, with lush greenery all around and crystal-clear waters. Suddenly, a bunch of cute pigs run and jump into the water and frolic around. The chances of this scenario occurring are higher when you are in the Bahamas! Welcome to the Pig Island of the Bahamas, a place that houses a bunch of swimming pigs!

You wouldn’t believe it but the wild-yet-friendly pigs roam around the island as if they own the place. They jump into the waters to cool off as a routine. Interacting by feeding them healthy food (they have a great appetite, so be prepared to feed them as much as possible), swimming, occasionally giving chin scratches and taking selfies with these creatures is what this island is all about.

The Bahamas is known to be the official home of swimming pigs and exploring this island is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. If you appreciate flora and fauna, then you must schedule a trip to witness the swimming pigs living their best lives in their natural habitats. Oink oink!

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How To Reach?

As Pig Island is an inhabited land, you have to stay at Staniel Cay, a tiny island near Big Major Cay. Staniel Cay has a functional airport and from here, your destination is just ten minutes away. Another option is staying in Nassau, the capital, which is only two hours away by boat. You can plan a day trip to Pig Island to explore its marine life and more.

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Bahamas’s Pig Island is attracting a lot of tourists from around the globe; are you going to be one of them soon?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva
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