There’s A Glacier Break Near Niti Valley Area; Uttarakhand Government Has Issued Advisory

by Mallika Khurana 153

Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district has reported a glacier break once again after two years. A glacier reportedly broke off on Monday in the Malari region of the Niti Valley, close to the India-China border in the Chamoli district, prompting the Uttarakhand government to issue an alert. Various highways in the districts are under high alert.

The state’s Uttarkashi Police issued a warning to the public, urging them to exercise caution when using the state’s various highways.

Several Uttarakhand Highways Are Blocked


Photo Credits: Canva

The Gangotri National Highway is obstructed above Sukki Top as a result of rain and snowfall because of debris moving toward Dharasu Band and Bandarkot. Above Jankichatti and Radi Top, the Yamunotri National Highway is shut down. In other locations, roads are also blocked. 

The Uttarkashi Police urged everyone to travel with caution via Twitter.

While no casualties have been reported yet, the police have issued an advisory for everyone to be extremely cautious while stepping out. There is a high-risk alert on several highways, and the public is advised to be careful while travelling. Given the intensity of snowfall and heavy rain in the area, it is best to not catch those highways.

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Chamoli Has Faced Glacier Bursts Before

This is not the first time Chamoli has been affected by glacier breaks. In February 2021, a snow avalanche caused a glacier to break. The disaster was much more severe in terms of damage to property and hurting the population. This disaster was allegedly brought about by less snowfall in Uttarakhand that year. Hundreds of people went missing during the disaster. The high mountain areas suffered vast destruction.

The scientists believed it to be a result of abrupt development taking place in the mountainous region. They also said that the Himalayan mountain range is sensitive, and no projects should be implemented in these regions without proper research on the mountain’s potential.

The glacier burst in 2021, resulted in human casualties and damage to several properties, including power projects in the ranges.

Whatever the reason for this disaster may be, it is ultimately caused by human negligence towards the environment. It is another warning for us to rethink and revive nature.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva