There’s A Locked Ancient Door Standing Tall In Rome & People Queue Up To Peek Into It For A Magical View.

by Shreya Rathod
There’s A Locked Ancient Door Standing Tall In Rome & People Queue Up To Peek Into It For A Magical View.

Rome, an ancient city built for the Romans, holds several magnificent and wonderful pieces of architecture. Whether it is the Colosseum or Arch Of Constantine, it is a place where you will witness the timeless beauty of structures which speaks the truth of their era. Despite such grandeur, this one closed door has people making a queue in front of it. Let’s take a look at the secret that this Aventine Keyhole holds.

Ancient Door With Magical View

Aventine Keyhole
Credits: Flickr/ Karli Watson

Situated on Aventine Hill, a tiny keyhole of this huge door is a unique piece of history that most of us don’t know. The door is on an estate that belongs to the Priory of Knights of Malta. Now, what is so special about this keyhole? Well, to know, you have to peek through this keyhole. Once you look through it, you are gifted with an unobstructed view of St Peter’s Basilica. More specifically, you can see the dome and you can capture this perfect site with your cameras which may take a little time. The view is flawless in every sense with hedges of a secret garden.

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History Of Aventine Hill

The property of Aventine Keyhole originally belonged to Alberico II, the ruler of Rome. After which, the property became a Benedictine Monastery. The doorway led to the religious order and legendary crusaders, The Knight Of Malta. Also, the place within the walls is not Italy, technically.

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This keyhole that offers a beautiful view of St Peter’s Basilica is a wonder in itself. Moreover, you can’t identify if this place is a coincidence or a planned peepshow.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pexels & Flickr