There’s A Three-Day Weekend Coming Up In The UAE This Month & Here’s All About It

by Anupriya Mishra
There’s A Three-Day Weekend Coming Up In The UAE This Month & Here’s All About It

As the new school session has begun, the 2-month summer vacation has ended, and people have gone back to their daily grind. They have gone back to their daily schedule and are working hard to achieve their goals. However, if you’re also tired of the mundanity that comes along with following the same schedule every day, then you’re in for some brilliant news. The UAE has announced a paid holiday this September to mark the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. Take a look!

A Long Weekend In The UAE This September

Saudi Arabia 4-Day Workweek
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There’s another long weekend that’s making its way towards the UAE this September. Yes, to commemorate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, the UAE has announced a holiday on September 29, which is a Friday. This means all the Federal Government employees will get a paid holiday on the said date to mark the celebratory occasion. As it happens the private sector employees also have a reason to rejoice as they will also get an off on this day. Yes, with there being a holiday on Friday, this translates to a long weekend for most employees as they get Saturday and Sunday off. There’s excitement for the weekend, as this is also the last long weekend of the year in the UAE! The reason for this is that the National Day falls on December 2 and 3, which are Saturday and Sunday.

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What Can You Do During The Long Weekend?

UAE School Holidays 2023
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One of the best ways to celebrate the long weekend in the UAE is by taking a much-needed staycation at one of the many luxurious hotels in your city. Besides spending the time basking in the hotel’s glorious hospitality services, you can also take a long road trip with your loved ones. As there are many nearby countries that offer visa-free entry to the citizens of UAE, you can also take a short holiday, as you won’t have to go through any arduous documentation process.

While going out for a holiday sounds great, there are some people who like to stay at home. For those who wish to relax in the comfort of their homes, they can invite over their family and friends and just enjoy the delicious spread that can be prepared by talented home chefs.

So, with the long weekend just day away, don’t forget to enjoy the holiday with your loved ones!

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