These 4 Friends Walked  From Bengaluru To Leh Covering 5,000km On Foot

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
These 4 Friends Walked  From Bengaluru To Leh Covering 5,000km On Foot

You must have at least once decided with your friends to go on a morning walk which never really became successful. But now I am going to tell you about 4 friends from Bengaluru which you should actually tell your friends about. 4 friends from Bengaluru walked straight up to Leh covering about 5,000 kilometres. Yeah such friends and determination do exist. If you feel this is too good to be true, well then keep reading. 

4 Friends Covered Bengaluru To Leh By Foot

Four friends from Bengaluru’s Bhuvaneshwari Nagar, Gnana Bharathi neighbourhood made the decision to hitchhike and walk to Leh from home. The boys have been together since childhood and have been going on bike expeditions, cycle trips and treks. They have always been adventurous and frequently go around in Karnataka doing cycle trips. Sandeep BS (22), Kiran KR (20), Maruthi Manoj (24) and Balaji R (19) are the names of the four friends who went to Leh. The boys decided to travel out of the state as they wanted to do something different. They had been planning to go to Leh Ladakh by hitchhiking and walking since last year. 

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Walking From Bengaluru To Leh Is Not Easy

These four friends decided to join jobs at different places only to fund their expedition by saving from their salary. Manoj and Sandeep worked in RR nagar at Amazon fulfilment centre while Balaji and Maruthi took up part time jobs to work after college. The boys saved enough and convinced their parents to let them go for their 5000 km journey which was 60 days long. They met at 7 sharp in the morning on August 7 at Vidhana Soudha and set out for their expedition. Even with their heavy packs, blistered feet, bodyaches, and extreme exhaustion, they continued onward toward their destination, which was many miles and days away.

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