Delhi’s Iconic Eateries Karim’s and Nathu’s Open Outlets In the Mountains Of Leh

by Sushmita Mahanta
Delhi’s Iconic Eateries Karim’s and Nathu’s Open Outlets In the Mountains Of Leh

There is much more to explore in terms of food in Leh than the quintessential instant noodles. And to add to their list of best food outlets like Gesmo, German Bakery, etc among many others, we now have Delhi’s iconic Karim’s and Nathu’s as well. Yes, you heard it right! Tourists and inhabitants of ‘Little Tibet’ can now enjoy the taste of authentic Mughlai cuisine and a traditional range of original Indian sweets. Read on to know more about these new food outlets in Leh.

Just Like Delhi, The Karim’s In Leh Sits Adjacent to the Jama Masjid

Delhi’s Iconic Karim’s are now serving their legacy of 109 years old Mughlai cuisine straight from Jama Masjid Delhi to Jama Masjid Leh Ladakh. Imagine, having mutton naan at an altitude of 11,000 ft! Sounds thrilling right? Delhi’s Iconic food outlet has revealed that its chefs are leaving no stone unturned to serve the best platter of Mughlai cuisine in Leh and to make that possible the outlet has chefs that have specially flown from Delhi to Leh. Located in JAMA MASJID, MENGON BUILDING, Leh, Karim’s Leh is ready to add more flavor to the food scene of Leh. Talking about their authenticity, Karim’s Leh recently took to Instagram to post a delectable picture of a Mughlai dish and wrote, “Our food is carefully crafted by our chefs using quality ingredients. We just care about making great-tasting food.” And we can’t agree more.


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Delhi’s Iconic Nathu’s Is Now In Leh

Apart from Delhi’s iconic Karim’s, there’s also the famous Nathu’s that has now extended its sweetness to reach the mountains. Nathu’s Leh is located on 13-16, 1 st floor, Himalayan Complex, Main Market, Leh, Ladakh and is making sure they serve the same 8 decades old delectable sweets and traditional food in Leh. According to Delhi’s Iconic Nathu’s, they have specialists that make sure their outlet in Leh is serving the best of their food items. Amongst their recommendations are a Special speed mix(immunity booster), Sohan halwa, Revari Burfi, Channa Badam Laddu, Mango delight, etc. So the next time you visit Nathu’s in Leh, do not miss out on these!

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