These 5 British Cities May Face A Mega-Tsunami Any Time Now, Says Advisor!

by Mallika Khurana
These 5 British Cities May Face A Mega-Tsunami Any Time Now, Says Advisor!

When it involves unforeseen calamities, Britain has been quite lucky. They haven’t been on the receiving end of any fatal calamities. But, while the majority of Brits go about their daily lives without worrying about tremors or tornadoes, those of us who prepare for the end of the world may now feel a bit smug. This is due to a senior scientist’s warning that a “mega-tsunami” might strike the UK at any time, putting the country at risk.

Scientific Advisor Predicts A Mega-Tsunami In The UK

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Sir David King, a former top scientific advisor to the government and the creator of the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge University, claimed that a landslide on the Canary Islands could end up with a really huge rock falling into the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in a massive wave.

It appears that it would take this wave around six hours to reach British shores. King stated that cities near the south coast, such as Southampton, Brighton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, and Exeter were likely to suffer the worst. In the event of a tsunami, neighbouring towns are also at risk.

The impact would do significant damage to London as well. To elaborate on what is in store, the advisor explained that residents in the capital would rush into their vehicles all at once to evacuate the city and they will end up blocking all the roads. To make things scarier, he shared that individuals wouldn’t be able to exit their vehicles in time, and they would literally pass away inside of them.

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He Also Shared A Way To Escape

It might occur tomorrow or in 10,000 years, according to King, who also acknowledged that the latter possibility was implausible. Nonetheless, he stated that more preparation is needed and that the UK is promoting more public understanding of the threat posed by global tsunamis.

The scientist fears the ecological impacts of a tsunami affecting Londoners in addition to the possibility of a high number of deaths and the displacement of families.

Also, Sir David promotes greater education and awareness among Londoners regarding what to do in the event of a tsunami. He went on to explain that the wave would take about six hours to reach the UK after the disaster in the Canary Islands. Although it may seem like a long time to give people a chance to flee, there have been other regions in which individuals have had longer to do so and yet experienced a high death rate.

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