These Are The Food Items That Randeep Hooda Can Cook

Randeep Hooda can serve you a full plate of a balanced meal.

by Ankita Mazumdar
These Are The Food Items That Randeep Hooda Can Cook

One of the most underrated movie stars of Bollywood, Randeep Hooda, made an appearance on a recent episode of Tere Gully Mein with our anchor, Arohi Thatte. They explored the lanes of Juhu, ate some yummy Amritsari kulchas that made him remember his hometown, Haryana and enjoyed a couple of kulfis. We were aware he was a non-Mumbaikar and while on the topic of Mumbai, we asked him how welcoming the city is and everything he had to do to survive. We learned that he can cook several dishes, like dal, sabzi, roti, and rice.

Randeep Hooda Can Whip Up Great Meal

While gorging on some of those hot chole kulchas, we asked him whether he could cook food, as he prefers to eat home-cooked food. He shared that his mom and especially his dad, taught him to cook when he went to Australia to study. He shared that his dad was transparent with him about lifestyle choices and didn’t want him to be under bad influence or indulge in activities that might not be safe. His dad taught him to cook because it is during the evening that people have free time to cook up crazy ideas. His dad pushed him to cook food, not ideas!

Randeep Hooda can cook rotis, rice, dal, and sabzi. That is a proper meal and getting to eat Indian food outside of India hits differently. It tastes extra special when it is cooked by Randeep Hooda himself! But then we also learned that, with time, he realised that his hunger would die down until he was done with all the cooking. On top of that, all the Indians would flock around and he had to cook for an entire team, so he left cooking. But he told us that he would be a chef if he picked it up again. We are waiting to see this miracle happen, Randeep!

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This Is What He Saw Mumbai As

Randeep Hooda
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Mumbai Meri Jaan and what it felt like for Randeep Hooda were described to us. He told us that he was impressed with this city of dreams, but what caught him was the distinct smell of Mumbai, the tiny roads and the humidity, among others. These are usually the first impressions of every non-Mumbaikar coming to this city. Well, he didn’t mention the housing issue and we didn’t either, hehe.

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Catch the entire video live on our channel to learn how much he loves Mumbai’s Versova Beach.

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