These Countries Have Same Colours On Their National Flag As India’s Tiranga

by Sanmita A
These Countries Have Same Colours On Their National Flag As India’s Tiranga

All flags are unique to their countries and represent cultures, struggles, emotions, and identities. These country flags hold the most significance during big events be it domestic or international. Just watching one’s own country flag standing tall with the rest of the world puts in a sense of pride and gets one overwhelmed. They are super symbolic and there’s no citizen in the world who doesn’t feel a bit emotions towards their own national flag.

The official Twitter account of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav on Tuesday shared an update with the names and flags of countries which share similar colours like that India’s Tiranga. The update reads, ‘Same same but different! Watch out for the national flag of these countries that possess some degree of similarities with our #Tiranga.’

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National Flag With Same Colours As India’s Tiranga

Flag_2There are a lot of countries in the world which share similar colours in their flags. But, today we are taking into account India’s Tiranga. The colours on the flags of Italy, Niger, Ireland and Ivory Coast have similar saffron, white and green shades. Colours might be similar, but what truly distinguishes the Indian Tiranga is its navy blue chakra, which stands out with its 24 spokes.

Apart from the above, the countries which have a similar-looking national flag are the Australian and New Zealand flags, Qatar and Bahrain, Indonesia and Monaco, Romania and Chad and many more.

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