These Gorgeous Places In Zanskar Are A Must See And You Should Add These To Your Itinerary For Sure!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
These Gorgeous Places In Zanskar Are A Must See And You Should Add These To Your Itinerary For Sure!

If you are in Ladakh, you should not miss visiting Zanskar. In the union territory of Ladakh, Zanskar is a tehsil of Kargil district. It is also known as Zahar or Zangskar. The tehsil is famous for its challenging terrain for people who love adventures. Besides this, the place is also known for glaciers, lakes, and valleys, which are must-check-out spots. 

Places In Zanskar You Must-Visit

Experience Divinity At These Monasteries 

1. Phuktal Monastery

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At the southernmost bend of Lungnak Valley, in the valley’s eastern region, is Phuktal, one of Zanskar’s most stunning cave monasteries. It looks like a huge honeycomb from a distant view. 

2. Pibiting Monastery

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Located in the village of Padum, Pibiting Monastery boasts stunning architecture. It is erected in the shape of a stupa and situated on a hilltop.

3. Zongkhul Monastery

The Zongkhul Monastery is situated in Stod Valley on a rock face with two chambers, and from a distance it resembles a swallow’s nest on the Ating Valley rock face.

4. Stongdey Monastery 

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Stongdey Monastery is the second-largest monastic monastery, with approximately 60 Gelugpa monks.It is situated just 20 kilometres from Padum. 

5. Karsha Monastery

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With a community of 120 monks, Karsha Monastery is Zanskar’s largest monastery. The 14th Dalai Lama’s younger brother manages this monastery. 

6. Bardan Monastery

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Bardan Monastery is a Drogpa order monastery and is situated in the Lugnak Valley. Apart from being perched atop a cliff, this monastery is one of the most important ones in Zanskar. 

 Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature At These Mountain Passes

1. Parkachik La

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The only way to reach this pass is via a short journey from Panikhar, which is regarded as one of the best sites to explore in Zanskar for adventurers.

2. Umasi La

The Umasi La offers the most breathtaking views of Himachal Pradesh’s Pir Pranjal Run. It is known as the southern entrance to Zanskar. 

3. Umba La

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This high mountain pass is situated at an elevation of 14,750 feet above sea level. The roads here are very steep, with hairpin twists and scary drop-offs. 

4. Shingo La

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Located on the boundary of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, Shingo La is located 16,703 feet above sea level. 

5. Pensi La

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Compared to other passes here, Pensi La Pass is the shortest. It connects the Suru valley and the Zanskar valley, at 14,436 feet above sea level. 

Witness The Glory Of Glaciers 

1. Shafat Glacier

Shafat Glacier in Suru Valley is a 14-kilometer-long glacier. It forms the foundation for climbing the famous Nun and Kun peaks. 

2. Drang Drung Glacier

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Drang Drung Glacier is the largest tourist accessible glacier in Ladakh. It is a 23-kilometer-long glacier, that can be seen from Pensi La and is encircled by the mighty Himalayan ranges. 

3. Parkachik Glacier

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Located at a very short distance from Parchaik, this place offers you a beautiful view of ice falls. Occasionally, enormous ice slabs may come loose from Nun Kun’s 300-foot front wall and tumble into the Suru River, providing a breathtaking view of the enormous ice-fall.

Soak In The Serenity Of These Lakes And Rivers

1. Suru River

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The Suru River is located at Pensi La Pass near the Drang Drung Glacier. This river offers river rafting opportunities, which are very famous during summers here. 

2. Doda River

doda river
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The Doda River is a 79-kilometer long river that flows through the Stod valley of Zanskar. There are various rafting competitions and adventure activities that are held on this stretch of river. 

3. Zanskar River

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Located in the northeastern region, the Zanskar River is a must visit. With large sandy beaches, the river canyon is deep and steep. 

4. Lang Tso And Stat Tso

tso lake
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Lang Tso and Stat Tso are the twin lakes in Zanskar and are situated near the corner of the Pensi La pass. The water is so crystalline that you can see the reflection of the snow-capped mountains. 

Embark On This Challenging And Fun Trek

1. Chadar Trek 

chadar trek
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The Chadar Trek in Zanskar is known as one of the most unique and difficult treks in India. This trek feels like a trip to the North Pole because of its 11,150 feet of elevation. Temperatures fall to -30 degrees at night, making it a hard hike. 

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