These Lady Taxi Drivers Are Offering 24×7 Services For Women From Delhi Airport

by Kanika Sharma
by Kanika Sharma 4444

If there is one thing that always raises a question for women in the city, is safety. Taking cabs at night is always a risky affair, specially so, when the rate of crime against women isn’t reducing, every small step taken to make the city a safer place for women is appreciated. One such initiative has been taken by Sakha Consulting Wings Pvt Ltd.

Picture Credit: Sakha Consulting Wings

What Is It?

Sakha Consulting Wings Pvt Ltd is a social enterprise that aims at providing safe transport solutions in four Indian cities. The transport service is meant for women, by women. The taxis are operated by extremely well trained and well-groomed women who are trained to be professional taxi drivers and chauffeurs.

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However, it doesn’t operate like another taxi company. They also aim to empower women by teaching them the necessary skills to be able to stand on their feet and do their job with ease. From driving lessons to how to interact with tourists (Indians and foreigners), they are focussed on making them competent enough to be able to do their job with their heads held high. Hence, making gender equality a key focus area for them.

How Can You Book The Cab?

The services can be availed in four cities: Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Jaipur and Indore. Not do they only operate on an intra-city route but intercity routes as well. You can book cabs from their website and select a time slot and the cab will come to you, any time of the day or night.

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The cabs can be hired by the hour as well and you also have three categories of vehicles to choose from. Economy, Sedan and SUVs can be hired for 4-8 hours and they also offer a special cost for airport pick and drop facilities as well. You can also hire a personal chauffeur to drive your car. For that you will be charged for the set number of hours.

It’s Safe Too

The cars are equipped with GPS and panic button. The women drivers are also trained well enough to ensure the safety of their passenger. They undergo special sessions where they are taught self defence techniques as well. They also have a 24×7 customer support team that is available on email and on call.

Picture Credit: Sakha Consulting Wings

It is definitely empowering to see when you see a lady in the driver’s seat of a local cab. And then to know that they are well equipped to ensure your safety too, is really reassuring. Isn’t it? Kudos to these women!


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