These Luxury Resorts In Jamaica And Mexico Are Offering Free Stay To Travellers Who Test Positive

by Yogita Chainani
These Luxury Resorts In Jamaica And Mexico Are Offering Free Stay To Travellers Who Test Positive

Countries and resorts around the world are doing everything they can to boost tourism amid the pandemic. While some places are offering perks to vaccinated travellers, others are simply charging less. And the latest to join the bandwagon is Palace Resorts. Palace Resorts are offering guests a free 14-night stay if they test positive for Covid-19. Here’s everything you must know about it.

Palace Resorts Is Offering 14-Days Free Quarantine To Travellers Who Test Positive While Checking Out

Palace Resorts, which is known for its luxurious properties, have 10-hotels across some of Mexico and Jamaica’s most picturesque destinations. And since the pandemic, each of these hotels has new covid-19 safety protocols in place for travellers. The new measures include free on-site Covid-19 testing for guests that want to take a test before checking out.

If the travellers who opt for the free test, receive a positive result, they will be allowed to quarantine for free at their hotel for up to two weeks. The hotel chain hopes that these new measures will reassure passengers that they won’t have to pay more for mandatory quarantine.

For travellers, who continue to test positive after 14-days, they will have the option to extend their stay at the hotel at a discounted rate of $199 per room, per night.

Jamaica And Mexico Are Now Open To Travellers From Around The World

When it comes to travelling to Jamaica and Mexico, Jamaica has reopened to all foreign travellers. Tourists flying from the US, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama need a negative PCR test, others don’t need to produce one. If Jamaica has been on your mind, then, you now have to complete a pre-departure Travel Authorisation form and purchase travel insurance before starting the trip.

Mexico is also open to travellers, although Dubai’s Emirates is yet to resume flights from the UAE to Mexico City. Travellers flying to Mexico do not need to provide negative PCR test results or quarantine on arrival, but some resorts are following some safety measures, which need to be followed.