These Mobile Hotel Rooms On Sleds In Finland Help You Watch The Northern Lights

by Olivia D'Silva
These Mobile Hotel Rooms On Sleds In Finland Help You Watch The Northern Lights

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These mobile sleds in Finland can take you around to watch the Northern Lights .

What Is It?

We can only imagine the Northern Lights to be magical! But, now you can actually watch them from mobile hotel rooms on sleds near Kilpisjärvi, a small village in Finland. The tiny rooms are fixed to a sled that can fit two people, a dining table, a gas heater, and an external dry toilet. Guests get a chance to see the Northern Lights in this one-of-a- kind sled hotel with a glass roof.

Launched by tour operator Off The Map Travel, this two-person cabin measures just eight feet wide, almost 15 feet long and 6.5 feet tall. This dinky inn fixed to a sled can be towed by a snowmobile to catch a view of the Northern Lights.

Jonny Cooper, the founder of Off The Map Travel and an Arctic travel expert, says the wilderness cabins offer a completely unique experience.

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What’s In It?

Each sled room has the necessary tools guests would need to venture around on the snow and ice including snowshoes and personal sleds to get around. In case you get hungry spotting the Nothern Lights, local snacks and hot drinks are provided, with a warming breakfast also included in the overnight experience.

If you’re interested in booking these sled rooms, you need to act fast as these are only available for rent until mid-April. In case you miss it, don’t worry as these sleds won’t disappear forever! They will be packed up and brought back out for rentals in January 2019.

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