6 Things To Consider Before You Plan Your Next Vacation During The Pandemic

by Tania Tarafdar
6 Things To Consider Before You Plan Your Next Vacation During The Pandemic

The choice to travel right now is personal. But if a respite from pandemic-induced cabin fever is what you need right now, consider we have curated a roadmap for starting to plan a getaway in an unprecedented time. Whether that’s a day trip to a nearby park or a week in a rented cabin, here is your six-step travel planning checklist.

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1. Read Up The Travel Guidelines

Stay up to date on the state, and local restrictions, and check for potential changes regularly. Make sure you know what your destination or any other destination you are passing through is asking of travellers. Some states may ask you to quarantine for 14 days upon the arrival. Therefore, before you travel, you’ll also want to check the latest travel guidelines and policies. 14 Rules & Guidelines Travelers Need To Know Before They Enter India.

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2. Check-In With Your Doctor

During the COVID-19 pandemic, immunisation rates have decreased, particularly in children, as many are skipping routine check-ups. No matter your age, stay up to date with your vaccines when you travel since there is always a risk of contracting new diseases apart from COVID-19. It’s also a good idea to check with your family doctor about your individual risk and essential safety precautions. They are your best bet for advising on whether it is safe for you to travel right now.

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3. Avoid COVID-19 Hotspots

Choose your destination wisely. Before you set out to choose your destination for any travel, be sure to check the COVID-19 situation in the goal. Also, be flexible as you travel in the pandemic, as at any point, restrictions and guidelines may change. A destination might put a stay-at-home order, or a state may mandate a quarantine. It would help if you were prepared for all the odds. Turkey Will Soon Introduce ‘COVID-Free’ Certification For Tourist Hotspots.

4. Consider Your Mode Of Transportation

It’s impossible to know and understand if one type of travel is safer than others—but airports, bus and train stations, are all places you could pick up the virus, from both surfaces and other people. Therefore, experts generally suggest short-distance road trips, where you have more control over the surroundings.  Here are 8 Emergency Road Trip Essentials You Need To Have In Your Car.

road trip essentials
5. Pack A Pandemic Essentials Bag

Stock up on your pandemic essentials, knowing that you can fall short of them at any time. Staples should include face masks, hand sanitisers, disinfecting wipes, a thermometer, latex gloves and hand soap. If you’re driving, bring enough drinks and snacks with you to prevent unnecessary stops. Here’s just a reminder that hand sanitiser can be flammable so always take the sanitiser out while getting out of the car, especially when there’s the hot sun.

6. Consider Locations While Booking Accommodations

While many hotels are offering highly discounted rates to encourage travel, others have created new lobby rules. While it is okay to stay in a hotel when you take proper precautions, do not forget that hotels have many shared spaces and elevators that be riskier than private accommodations. Home stays can be a good idea during the pandemic.  Here are 6 Beach-Side Private Villas To Rent Out In Goa Perfect For Social Distancing.

Consider travel insurance, too, if you get sick. Download boarding passes on your phone and check your bags to reduce touch points while travelling.