COVID-19 Guidelines For Travellers Returning To India: Everything To Know!

by Drishti
COVID-19 Guidelines For Travellers Returning To India: Everything To Know!

Even though international commercial flight operations remain banned, except for flights running in the air bubble arrangement, a large number of people are travelling to India. The government has announced new rules and guidelines for international arrivals, amid rising COVID cases and the new mutant strains. These set of instructions are applicable to people arriving by flight, as well ship. Read on to know the new rules and guidelines travellers need to know before they enter India:

Before Planning To Travel

  1. All passengers must submit a self-declaration form on the online portal ( at least 72 hours before they commence their journey.
  2. They should carry a negative RT-PCR report. Passengers need to get the test done within 72 hours of commencing their journey and upload the report on the portal for review. They also need to submit a declaration regarding its authenticity.
  3. The notice further states that travellers can go for a 14-day home quarantine, by applying at the online portal.

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Before Boarding Their Flights/Ships

4. Passengers must receive a set of dos and don’ts with their tickets, to be provided by the agencies concerned.

5. Only asymptomatic passengers can continue their journey after a thermal screening. They shall also download the Arogya Setu app on their phones.

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In fact, installing the app has been advised for domestic air and rail travel as well. However, different states have their own protocols regarding travelling. For instance, these are the rules you must know before travelling to Goa.

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During Their Journey

6. Travellers can fill in self-declaration forms during their flight/ voyage if they haven’t already filled one before travelling.

7. They must adhere to precautions like mask-wearing, respiratory etiquette, and hand hygiene during their journey. The same goes for airline/ ship crew members.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick guide on how to go about an international flight: 

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On Arrival At The Airport/Seaport

8. Passengers must deboard while following the social distancing norms. A thermal screening for everyone will be conducted by health officials. Post this, the passengers need to show their self-declaration forms to airport authorities.

9. The Civil Aviation Ministry said that international passengers who have to take connecting domestic flights after landing in India will have the option of getting themselves tested for COVID-19 at the entry airports.

10. Symptomatic passengers will be immediately isolated and taken to a healthcare centre, as per health protocol.

11. Those showing mild symptoms or found asymptomatic, but positive, will be allowed to go for home isolation, or isolation in a Covid Care Centre. Those with moderate or severe symptoms will be admitted Covid Health facilities and managed accordingly.

Currently, air travel is deemed to be the safest mode of travelling, according to experts:

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With the pandemic still raging on, we advise people to travel only if absolutely necessary, and if so, with all the precautions and rules in place. Stay safe!