Things To Do At The “Blue Flag” Kleopatra Beach In Alanya, Turkey

by Deeplata Garde
Things To Do At The “Blue Flag” Kleopatra Beach In Alanya, Turkey

The blue flag is the highest recognition to award a beach. Hence achieving this title is quite challenging and very few have received it. One such example is Kleopatra Beach In Alanya, Turkey. This beach has surpassed the standards to achieve this citation quite remarkably. Let’s find out the activities you can do on your next trip to Kleopatra Beach.

Blue Flag Achiever Kleopatra Beach In Turkey

Antalya beaches are so mesmerizing that people often arrange beautiful and important events. Many have even chosen these beaches to tie their knots. One of Turkey’s most stunning beaches, the famed Cleopatra Beach is a must-see while you’re in Alanya. It draws over 2 million tourists a year. It continues to gain popularity thanks to its beautiful water and a wide variety of water sports. There are many activities available both on and near the beach.

Kleopatra Beach
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Things To Do At Kleopatra Beach

1. Water Sports

Kleopatra Beach
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The clear waters of this beach make it most suitable for water-borne activities. You can engage in activities like scuba diving, kite surfing, parasailing, and surfing. There are many other possibilities available here, including sailing, jet skiing, and beach volleyball. Don’t miss diving and snorkelling.

2.Dip Your Toes In Clear Sand

Kleopatra Beach
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People assumed that queen Cleopatra of Egypt brought sand with her from the Nile Valley. The fine texture of the sand on this beach is well talked about. So if you want to have a do-nothing relaxing experience then make sure to just bring a mat and dip your toes in the soft sand.

3. Explore Eateries

Kleopatra beach
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A large promenade with numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants surrounds this beach. Some of the best names with the highest reviews are Picasso Port A la Carte, The Gosga Restaurant & Bar and Eko’s Place Restaurant Karaoke Bar.

4. Health Freaks Can Chill In Recreational & Fitness Centres Around

There are facilities for all kinds of sports, including full-sized swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, and gyms. Kleopatra Turkish Bath Spa & Wellness is a must-visit because how misses a Hamman when in Turkey?

Kleopatra Beach
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5. Visit The Cultural & Religious Sites Around Kleopatra Beach

Kleopatra Beach
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The town’s Archaeological Museum and the magnificent Damlata Cave are just a short distance from the shore. There are many other cultural attractions nearby as well such as Red tower, Alanya Kalesi, and Suleymaniye Camii.

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6. Kids Can Have Fun Apart From The Beachside

This beach has a nearby adventure spot a.k.a amusement park. Alanya Aquapark is hardly a five-minute walk from the beach. It is one of the biggest aqua parks in Alanya. The park is open between 10 am-11 pm.


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Apart from the best sandy stretch, these beach houses many activities to keep everyone engaged.

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