10 Things To Do In Salalah- Oman’s Hidden Paradise

by Saniya 5883

Winter is here and we can’t wait to explore the outdoors. However, folks associate the Middle East with desert landscapes and mountains. But we tell you there is so much more! In Oman, is the hidden natural wonder of Salalah. Salalah has a unique monsoon season paving the way for lush green sceneries and landscapes around it. Nevertheless, this beautiful city is also home to a lot of tourist destinations and historical sites, which makes it such an experience of its kind. With temperatures lower than the rest of the region, Salalah makes for a perfect winter getaway in Oman. It’s proximity to the UAE, allows it to be a popular escape from the Emirates too! So what are the 10 things you must do to your visit to Oman’s Salalah? Heres the list:

1) Soak The Beach At Mughsail Beach

Beach in Salalah

Mughsail Beach

This beach is a stunning stretch of emerald waters with white sand surrounded by mighty cliffs. You are sure to forget you are in this part of the world, with the picturesque landscape around this beach.

2) Get Spiritual At Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Mosques in Oman

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

This is the largest mosque in Salalah named after the Sultan of Oman. It beautifully crafts in the Arabic and modern architecture while the interiors exude grandness and tranquility. Even the non-muslims can visit this site and breath in the spirituality.

3) Get High On Jebel Samhan

Mountains in Salalah

Jebel Samhan (Credits: Holidify)

This attraction burrows itself in the hills and lush green pastures of the Dhofar region. While the mountain itself is enclosed within the wildlife reserve of Jabal Samhan, there is a permit issued so that the visitors can enjoy flora and fauna in its complete glory.

4) Visit The Taqah Castle

Taqah Castle

Taqah Castle (Credits: NTT Oman)

Taqah is a fishing village town 33kms east of Salalah. This beach town is renowned for its sandy beaches and holds the historical 19th century Taqah castle. The Taqah castle is now home to several museums giving a glimpse of the old Omani lifestyle.

5) Time Travel At Al Baleed Archaeological Park

Al Baleed Archaelogical Park in Salalah

Al Baleed Archaeological Park (Credits: Anantara)

A trip to Salalah is incomplete without visiting this UNESCO world heritage site at Al Baleed. This open archaeological site has ruins of an ancient city in Salalah mesmerizing and intriguing the history enthusiasts. Also, the site has information signs allowing the people to read and get informed of the site.

6) Get Spooked Out At Mirbat

This one is a stretch of desolate land in Mirbat like no other. Imagine your car moving while in neutral gear while you are surrounded by a blanket of fog thanks to the area’s hilly terrain. Spooky right? This stretch is an anti-gravity spot where cars move forward at the speed of 35 kmph on neutral gear. While the scientists have their explanations, the visitors sure do get spooked out with this phenomenon.

7) Shop At Al Husn Souq

Al Husn Souq

Al Husn Souq (Credits: Trip Advisor)

Now this one is a souq styled market place where you can get your hands on great souvenirs to carry back home! From clothes to food, there is plenty of shopping to do over here! Its proximity to the Sultan’s place makes it a hotspot for tourists and visitors.

8) View These Natural Fountains at Al Marneev Cave

Marneev Cave in Salalah

Marneev Cave & Blowholes (Credits: Tripadvisor)

The Marneev Cave is located close to the Al Mughsail Beach in Salalah. Take a seat at one of the benched and enjoy these natural fountains spraying sea waters through the sea caves. This site is a picturesque amalgamation of mountains, caves, and fountains adding to its glory.

9) Picnic At This Valley

Wadi Darbat: Salalah

Wadi Darbat (Credits: Wikimedia)

Oman is famous for it’s many Wadis or Valleys. Wadi Darbat is another beautiful one! Wadi Darbat is a lush green valley for the families and friends to picnic at! With small caves surrounding the lush pastures, the adventure enthusiasts can take a hike to the caves too. With small stalls and restaurants around, this lush valley is a great tourist and picnic spot.

10) Experience This Sinkhole

Past the Wadi Darbat lies this beautiful sinkhole of Tawi Atayr that translates to “Well Of The Birds”. This is one of the most magnificent sinkholes and also the world’s third-largest one. Honeycombed with limestones, this is a site that is worth taking a stroll to.