This 18th-Century Fort On A Hidden Beach In Tamil Nadu Will Leave You Stunned

by Shreya Rathod
This 18th-Century Fort On A Hidden Beach In Tamil Nadu Will Leave You Stunned

We take pride in our history and heritage. And if asked about any historically significant place, we won’t shy away from elaborating on the masterpieces that we harbour. However, history is not generous to all. Some make their way and become a name to remember while others are lost in the crowd. One such beautiful location, rather a historic architecture, is the Alamparai Fort in Tamil Nadu. Take a look and know the history of this beach fort that holds immense significance for Tamil Nadu and India.

Carnatic Nawabs’ Alamparai Fort in Tamil Nadu

Fort in Tamil Nadu
Credits: Wikimedia

Taking a stroll around this magnificent fort, you will be reminded of ancient times. This fort was significant for the Carnatic kingdoms. The fort was flourishing with wealth until a succession dispute between Hyderabad and Carnatic kingdoms. This resulted in the invasion by the French and the European, and Alamparai Fort took the brunt of everything. In times of war, this fort was of great strategic importance. The French army guarded it during the Carnatic Wars until the Treaty of Pondicherry. Though the war was over, it left this beautiful fort in destruction and ruins.

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Archeological Survey And Reconstruction

The government of Tamil Nadu set up a board for the archeological survey to reveal that the fort was named Alamparva. As for the current condition of the fort, it is going under reconstruction and restoration. The Asian Development Bank has granted nearly ₹8 crores for this purpose. Further, there is a plan of turning it into a tourist site with all facilities that will help it grow into a symbol of prosperity again.

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This ancient architecture can be seen on a drive from Pondicherry to Chennai.