This 3Kg Yamraj Burger Has Over 10 Aloo Patties & Will Leave You Drooling

by Sanjana Shenoy
This 3Kg Yamraj Burger Has Over 10 Aloo Patties & Will Leave You Drooling

Burger fans! If you’ve wondered where you can find the best burger in town. Then we have just the recommendation for you. Forget the best burger, we have the biggest burger in the country. Yamraj burger in Faridabad has grabbed eyeballs on social media for its massive size, weight of a whopping 3kg, stuffed with over 10 aloo patties. Read on to know more about this larger than life burger.

Gorge On India’s Biggest Yamraj Burger In Faridabad

Faridabad is home to the biggest burger in India. In a viral video shared on the Youtube channel Vs CooKing, you can see a chef introducing you to the Yamraj bun. The large-sized burger bun would leave you shocked beyond disbelief. The chef first spreads garlic butter on the bun and then leaves it in the oven. Next, he adds a variety of spicy and cheesy sauces and neatly spreads sliced cucumber, onions and tomatoes on the bun.

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3Kg Burger Has Loads Of Veggies, Aloo Patties & Cheese

Next, the chef douses it with cheese sauce. Just when you thought you’d need a good appetite to finish this, wait till we tell you that he stuffs over 10 crispy aloo patties. Tops it with mozzarella cheese and puts it in the oven for the cheese to melt. After which, the chef adds stir-fried veggies to the burger with melted cheese and veggies. Finally, he finishes the dish with oodles of cheese sauce. And voila! Your Yamraj Burger is ready! But you’d need an army to help you finish this massive 3kg Yamraj Burger. Meanwhile, enjoy 60 different types of burgers at Plan B Burger Bar in Nagpur.