This 60-YO Retired Indian Man Became A Tea-Maker In Dubai; Happily Pours 1000 Cups Of Tea A Day At Global Village

by Deeplata Garde
This 60-YO Retired Indian Man Became A Tea-Maker In Dubai; Happily Pours 1000 Cups Of Tea A Day At Global Village

We all dream of having a long holiday. Better than that, we all are waiting to be successful and then retire in style. But a man working at Global village has been craving to skip retirement. K.P. Ummer, ex-financial controller in Saudi Arabia was in a fix about retirement when the travel bug bit him. He went to India post his working life and decided to rest but all he could be was restless. So he took up a challenge to fall out of his comfort zone. Take your cup of tea to hear this!

A Tea-Making Profession For Ummer Has Been More Fulfilling Than Retirement

Pic Creds: Global Village

K.P Ummer informed the sources about how he was informed about this job opportunity of tea-maker at Dubai’s entertainment wonderland, Global Village. His profession and this opportunity that came to him were like cheese and chalk. But the only motivation to keep going was the idea of meeting new people while being in Global Village. But how did a man who never made a cup of tea landed up with a similar job at Karak Majilis in Dubai?

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A Job At Dubai’s Global Village & Fan Following

Pic Creds: Global Village

Ummer boarded a plane to travel to Dubai, leaving his duties as a landlord and a volunteer at various hospitals in his hometown. Ummer described his experience as one that began with struggle but ultimately improved. He continued by disclosing the final ingredients of his renowned global village chai.

Today, the chaiwalla (tea vendor) at Karak Majlis on the gala street in Global Village has achieved hero status. He has his own fan base in Global Village and is proficient in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, and German. He also interacts with individuals from various nations and cultures.

Ummer is having a blast in Dubai, selling more than 1,000 cups of chai and sharing a lot more stories from his background. However, there are certain difficulties in the job. He acknowledges that he wished to give up and go home after two days of work. Khaleej Times confirmed this news.

So if you plan to visit Dubai’s Global Village then make sure you have a sip with Ummer at Karak Majilis.

Cover Image Courtesy: Khaleej Times, Global Village