This 63-Year-Old Man Has Been Taking First Ride Of Every New Metro In Delhi Since 2002

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This 63-Year-Old Man Has Been Taking First Ride Of Every New Metro In Delhi Since 2002

Hobbies have been a part of our lives forever. Some name dancing or singing as their hobby, while others collect stamps or coins. A 63-year-old Delhi man, Anil Marwah, has a very unique hobby! Every time the Delhi Metro opens a new station or line, he likes to ride the first Metro. The fact that he has been doing this since December 2002, when Delhi Metro service commenced in the capital, is fascinating.

This Man Takes First Ride Of Every New Metro In Delhi

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

When Anil was assigned to work in Tokyo for a year while working for Japan Airlines in the 1990s, his passion for Metros really took off. 

Anil couldn’t resist being a part of history when the Delhi Metro started running in 2002. At the time, he found it difficult to comprehend how this was possible. He travelled all the way from Tis Hazari to Shahdara. 

Every new station and line was diligently tracked by him, and he made it a point to board the first train from each one. He claimed that the Yashobhoomi station was revealed in April. 

He carries his record bag, which contains newspaper clippings, a folder with all Metro smart card first-day versions, and his certificate from the Limca Book of World Records. (As per The Indian Express)

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Strong Love For Public Transport

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Anil Marwah kept an eye out for any tidbit of information regarding the new station and arrived exactly on time on Sunday at 3 o’clock to board the station’s first train. He actually has a strong affinity for public transportation. 

He loves to use the Delhi Metro to get to his office in Connaught Place every day, despite the fact that he is getting close to retirement. He said he prefers to stroll from Shivaji Stadium after taking the Metro there.

Additionally, he makes an effort to persuade everyone he meets to take the bus or train instead of driving. He claims it’s simpler and less complicated.

He serves as a liaison between Onkar Travels, a travel firm, and Japan Airlines. Anil finds the daily journey to be peaceful rather than boring. On the way, he reads, talks on the phone, and gets work done. Additionally, he claims, it’s preferable to getting stuck in traffic. (As per The Indian Express)

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What is your hobby?

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