This 70+ YO Man In Morocco Sits And Reads For Hours Everyday At His Bookstore In Rabat!

His dedication to literature and unwavering commitment to education inspire all who encounter his remarkable journey.

by Mallika Khurana
This 70+ YO Man In Morocco Sits And Reads For Hours Everyday At His Bookstore In Rabat!

In the heart of Rabat, Morocco, there exists a living legend, a man whose life revolves around the simple yet profound act of reading. Meet Mohamed Aziz, a 71-year-old bookseller whose story is not just about the number of books he has devoured—over 5000 in three different languages—but about his indomitable spirit, resilience, and commitment to knowledge despite the adversities he faced.

Mohamed Aziz’s Lifelong Love Affair With Books


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Mohamed Aziz’s journey began with tragedy, losing his parents at the tender age of six. Despite the challenges, he refused to succumb to despair. According to Morocco World News, at 15, he was confronted with the harsh reality of being unable to afford education. Then, he turned to books as his guiding light. Despite lacking a formal diploma, Aziz continued learning.

In 1963, Aziz embarked on a career as a bookseller with just nine books and a rug under the shade of a tree. Undeterred by his humble beginnings, he persevered, eventually establishing his bookstore in the bustling streets of Rabat Medina. His bookstore, a sanctuary of knowledge, has stood for over four decades. It is certainly a testament to his dedication to literature and education.

But Aziz’s mission extends beyond mere commerce; it’s a vendetta against his impoverished past, a rebellion against the limitations imposed by circumstances. He believes in the transformative power of books, seeing them as instruments of empowerment and enlightenment. According to Khadija Douhri, his belief is reflected in his actions. He leaves his books unattended outside, confident that those who understand knowledge’s value won’t steal them.

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A Dedication To Literature And Learning

Aziz’s daily routine is a testament to his unwavering commitment to reading. Spending six to eight hours daily immersed in books, he finds solace and fulfilment in the pages that transport him to different worlds. His shop, though modest in size, is a treasure trove of wisdom, housing thousands of books in multiple languages.

What truly sets Aziz apart is his altruism. Despite his hardships, he remains dedicated to ensuring that others have access to literature. His shop is open to all, regardless of their ability to pay, echoing his belief that everyone deserves the chance to read and grow. For Aziz, reading isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life—a lifeline that sustains him and fuels his unwavering optimism.

His passion for reading is infectious, inspiring all who encounter him to appreciate the transformative power of literature. Aziz’s story serves as a reminder that no matter how dire the circumstances, the pursuit of knowledge and the love of books can illuminate even the darkest of paths. 

In a world often plagued by ignorance and apathy, Mohamed Aziz is a beacon of hope.

Cover Image Courtesy: Khadija Douhri/Instagram

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