This A-Frame Villa Beside A Natural Stream Offers A Romantic Staycation Amid The Jungles Of Wayanad

by Sushmita Mahanta
This A-Frame Villa Beside A Natural Stream Offers A Romantic Staycation Amid The Jungles Of Wayanad

Craving for a tranquil and peaceful getaway? The Cove Lakkidi by VOYE HOMES, located in Lakkidi, Wayanad, is the perfect place to do so! It’s a cozy A-framed villa that makes for a perfect staycation. Surrounded by natural streams and the lush green jungles of Wayanad, the villa is also close to the ghat roads. Read on to know more about this home away from home in Wayanad that will offer you some of the best staycation memories.

How To Reach Cove Lakkidi by VOYE HOMES In Wayanad?

Cove Lakkidi by VOYE HOMES is just 900 meters away from the main road and reaching the villa is not much of a hassle. The nearest airport, Calicut International Airport, is around 70.00 km away.
The nearest railway station, Calicut Railway Station, is around 55.00 km from the villa.
There are also buses and other private modes to commute. So if you opt for a long road trip to this villa in Wayanad, then you have quite a few options to choose from. The nearest bus station is Lakkidi.

Landmark: Chain Tree, Lakkidi

Highlights Of The Villa

Private Holiday Home
Close to Lakkidi View Point
Close to Vythiri & Lakkidi
Close to Chain Tree
Close to En ooru Tribal Heritage Village
Premium Bedrooms
Spectacular View from Balcony
A-Frame Villa
Natural Stream
Campfire & BBQ
The Perfect Stay, Guaranteed


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Experience A Comfortable Stay

Cove Lakkidi by VOYE HOMES in Wayanad has four bedrooms and is equipped with all modern amenities. The small balconies of this villa will offer you the best views to wake up to. Another feature here is the internal hardwood frame. The cherry on top is the pleasing sounds of nature and the streams that flow along the frontage of this A-Frame villa. They also offer experiences like Stream Baths, Plantation visits, and more!

Activities Available At This A-Frame Villa In Wayanad

This A-Frame villa in Wayanad offers a plethora of activities. Guests can enjoy Campfire, BBQ, Indoor Activities, and Natural Stream Baths here. A few other activities include:

  • Chain Tree Visit (arranged on request)
  • En Ooru Visit (arranged on request)
  • Pookkode Lake Visit (arranged on request)
  • Lakkidi View Point Visit(arranged on request)

Nearby Places To Explore

A staycation at this A-Frame villa in Wayanad will allow guests to explore a lot of nearby tourist attractions. Some of the places of interest include Karinthandan Temple & Chain Tree (300 M), Lakkidi View Point (1.30 KM), Pookode Lake (3.20 KM), En Ooru (3.90 KM), Vythiri (5.20 KM) and Thusharagiri Waterfalls (15.60 KM). You can also opt to visit the Chembra Peak (27.50 KM), Banasura Dam (31.00 KM), and the Soochipara Waterfalls (32.70 KM).
If you want to book this amazing stay, click here.

Now that you know of this tranquil villa in Wayanad, when are you planning to visit Cove Lakkidi By VOYE HOMES? Do let us know in the comments section below!


Feature Image Courtesy- Cove Lakkidi By VOYE HOMES