This Agra Street Vendor Serves Sweet Samosas Made Of White Butter Not Maida

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Agra Street Vendor Serves Sweet Samosas Made Of White Butter Not Maida

From Butter Tea in Agra to Butter Coffee in Delhi, butter is often added generously to any food or beverage to elevate its taste. While some might welcome an added dollop of butter, others might be apprehensive of the rich ingredient. We’ll leave it to you to decide. Foodies, a street food vendor in Agra prepares samosas that are made of white butter instead of maida. The samosas are sweet and served cold. Now, that’s a buttery spin to the humble samosa, you’d never have imagined.

White Butter Samosa In Agra Takes Over The Internet

A video posted on Instagram on the @eatthisagra page shows street food vendors at Bhagat Halwai in Agra preparing samosas made of white makkhan. In the viral video, the halwai kneads white butter like a dough made of flour. He then rolls it into tiny circles. The vendor goes on to stuff it with sweet khoya, gulkand and dry fruits. Finally, the white butter batter is sealed shut just like a regular samosa.

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This Sweet Samosa Is Served Cold

With a perfect triangular shape on the outside and sweet filling on the inside, it certainly looks like your favourite snack. While a regular samosa needs to be deep-fried, this sweet samosa is served cold. The white makkhan samosa is dipped in cold water to ensure the butter doesn’t melt and retains its shape. This sweet butter samosa will satisfy the dessert cravings of foodies visiting Agra. Visit Bhagat Halwai in Agra to try out this unique white makkhan ke samose! Meanwhile, visit Delhi’s Samosa Hub to try over 25 different varieties of samosas.