6 Types Of Unique Samosas That Will Shock Your Tastebuds

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1952

The joy of biting into a crispy hot samosa, munching on a spicy aloo filling is a joy unparalleled. Pair it with a cup of masala chai and that’s a match made in heaven. Samosa lovers, while you’ve munched and crunched on samosas with the iconic potato filling, maybe it’s time you experiment or not, it’s your choice. But if you were to know about some of the most unique samosas out there, your jaw would drop, literally. So, here are 6 types of wacky samosas that will surely shock your tastebuds.

1. Jam Samosa

Move over from jam on bread, because jam-filled samosas are the latest food trend in town. As wacky as it sounds, golden deep-fried samosas filled with ooey-gooey gluttonous jam oozing out of it, might be a yum alert for foodies. Love it or hate it, the jam samosa will surely make heads turn and how. Get out of the sticky situation and give the jam samosa a try. Dessert or evening snack, ditch the jam bread for jam samosa.

different types of samosas

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2. Pasta Samosa

If there’s pasta on pizza, then why can’t there be pasta in samosa right? To prepare pasta samosa, leftover pasta with any sauce or freshly cooked pasta is wrapped in a samosa batter and deep-fried. The pasta is prepared dense and dry to avoid it from spilling out when fried. Whether it’s a red sauce or white sauce, penne or spaghetti, the pasta samosa can be a treat for cheese and Italian food lovers. You can try this from Samosa Hub in Delhi. 

3. Fried Rice Samosa

Do you want an innovative idea to put the leftover fried rice to good use? Use the fried rice as a stuffing in a samosa and try out the fried rice samosa. Rice goes great with everything. So why not give the fried rice samosa a try. While we haven’t experienced this, we’re surely curious to know if you did. Whether it’s chicken, egg or veg fried rice, you know now there’s a great way to invent a whole new dish.

different types of samosas

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4. Chocolate Samosa

If you have a sweet tooth, then this unique samosa should be on your bucket list. This light and delicious snack involve using chocolate chips, ganache or Nutella in small pockets of samosas. When you bite into a deep-fried hot samosa, you can taste the drizzle of chocolate and that’s heavenly. This sinfully good snack would be every choco-fanatic’s dream. Roti Rollers in Dubai serves Hershey’s Chocolate Samosas. 

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5. Chowmein Samosa

Dosas are stuffed with Schezwan noodles then it’s about time that somebody tried stuffing them in samosas. Chowmein, hakka or vermicelli noodles are used as filling in samosas. Bit into it and it will be a Chinese food twist given to a desi snack. While this concept surely sounds bizarre, there’s a chance you might end up smacking your lips and asking for one more You’ve got to try the Chowmein Samosa to believe this wacky combination.

different types of samosas

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6. Pastry Samosa

Let’s have the drumroll for one of the most unique samosas you’ve ever heard of- the pastry samosa. Chocolate pastry stuffed in samosas is undoubtedly one of the most unusual food combinations you’ve ever heard of. Bit into a crispy samosa and get surprised by a soft chocolate pastry topped with extra cream. Is this a dessert perfect for birthdays? Well, we’ll let you decide this.

different types of samosas

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Samosa fans! These were some of the wackiest samosas that would surely shock your eyes and tastebuds. Nevertheless, if you get a chance, do an experiment and let us know what you feel.


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