Pastry Chef Creates Chocolate Compass With Transparent Sugar Dome & Wows The Internet

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 540

While watching Disney’s animated film, Pocahontas you might have also wanted to own a compass. Well, better late than never because now you can not only get your own compass but also eat it too! Famous pastry chef Amaury Guichon has created a chocolate compass with a transparent edible dome. Right from the glass covering, to the dial every single element of this life-like dessert is absolutely edible. And the internet can’t have enough of this unique compass. This is one f the must-have desserts from across the globe. 

Amaury Guichon’s Chocolate Compass With Edible Glass Dome Takes The Internet By Storm

Amaury Guichon took to Instagram to share a detailed video clip of his latest dessert creation, the chocolate compass. The clip shows the chef first crafting the base of the compass with a white coloured baked dough. He then generously glazes it with a velvety chocolate coating. Once the coating is perfectly shaped, he stamps the cake with edible gold dust to indicate the North, East, West and South markings. Guichon then secures the base on all sides with a thick layer of chocolate swirl.

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A pin then inserted on the compass shaped cake completes the look. After this, users can witness the talented chef working on an edible glass covering for the compass. Using a sugar solution, he crafts it into the shape of a dome. Once the solution cools down and takes form, he places it on the edible compass. A long chocolate rope helps secure the transparent globe on the compass. And voila! The one of a kind edible chocolate compass is ready! But the best part is when the chef cuts it into half. And the knife gives way to layers of chocolate, creamy and textured goodness.  If this isn’t the ultimate Instagram worthy dessert, then we wonder what is! Meanwhile, dessert fans can sink their teeth into Delhi’s Wishing Tree, one of the ultimate desserts in India. 

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