This Bengaluru Couple Earns ₹12 Lakhs Daily By Selling Out-Of-The-Box Samosas; Learn Their Story

by Shreya Ghosh
This Bengaluru Couple Earns ₹12 Lakhs Daily By Selling Out-Of-The-Box Samosas; Learn Their Story

Shaam ki chai is incomplete without some garam garam samosas in most Indian households. This deep-fried snack holds a very special corner in every Indian’s heart. And a couple from Bengaluru took their love for this street food to another level! They left their lucrative 9-5 jobs and opted to sell samosas in the city. Well, this might come as a huge shock to the readers but this risk of quitting jobs and starting a business has made this couple earns lakhs of rupees every day. Read on to know more about this inspiring story.

The Decision To Open A Samosa Shop Changed This Couple’s Lives!

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Shikhar Veer Singh and Nidhi Singh took one of the biggest daring steps of their lives by quitting their high-paying jobs and launching their shop “Samosa Singh” in 2016. Not only did they just leave their well-to-do jobs, but they also sold their dream home for 80 lakhs. Though the journey began with lots of obstacles, they are surely living the dream now and earning about 12 lakhs every day. The annual turnover of Samosa Singh is about 45 crores at the moment. It is very certain that if the couple had not taken this big decision, even their high-paying don’t wouldn’t have been able to pay this amount today.

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Let’s Get To Know Them!

Shikhar Veer Singh met his wife Nidhi Singh while studying B-Tech in Biotechnology. By profession, Shikhar was the Principal Scientist at Biocon and Nidhi worked at a pharma company. This is what they were doing back in 2015 and was earning a great salary as well. But they had dreams to achieve and hence decided to quit their jobs. They left their jobs in 2015 and started the journey of Samosa Singh in 2016.

Their shop is doing absolute wonders in Bengaluru and saw massive growth in these few years only. At the moment, they sell about 30,000 pieces per month. Samosa Singh serves not just basic samosa stuffed with spicy aloo, the shop also comes with a unique menu such Kadhai Paneer Samosa, Manchurian Samosa, and more.

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So samosa lovers of Bengaluru, have you visited here yet?

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