This Bubbling Kulfi With Cold Smoke In Bangalore Can Be The Dessert Of Your Dreams

Bubbling Kulfi Bangalore
by Suchismita Pal

All the dessert lovers out there! If you’re in Bangalore and did not visit this restaurant yet, you’re doing an absolute injustice to your sweet tooth. SpiceKlub, located on Bangalore’s Residency Road is a fine dining restaurant that plates out a wide array of flavourful Indian dishes. And the dessert spread here will get you spoilt for choices. The best to savour here is the Bubbling Kulfi served in cold smoke. The deconstructed kulfi comes to the table on a tray of rose petals. It is served with 5 succulent sauces-chocolate, blueberry, salted caramel, rose caviar and rabdi. The very sight of the dessert is getting our sugar rushes high.


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A True Haven For Dessert Lovers!

SpiceKlub Bangalore offers a plethora of Instaworthy dishes, desserts and drinks in a highly photogenic ambience. Apart from the Bubbling Kulfi, other tempting sweets treats that the restaurant serves include the SpiceKlub Falooda, Soap Cake, Flower Pot, Motichur Magick and Paan Mousse. The Soap Cake is a unique chocolate dessert that resembles a foamy soap. Flower Pot is rasmalai and saffron mousse topped with chocolate clay. Motichur Magick is a special elaichi mousse topped with gulab jamuns. Or if you love bursting a chocolate ball, go for the decadent Volcano served with textured jelly and kesar milk.


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Relish  Pav Bhaji Fondue, Ganderi Kebab And More

Other specialities at the restaurant include Ganderi Kebab, Nannza, Pav Bhaji Fondue, Hara Bhara Kebab, Kaju Methi Malai Matar, Palak Pesto Pulao, Nitrogen Bhel, Tostada Papad, Roomali Papad, Mushroom Spinach Shashlik, Amritsari Vadi and Dal Kabila, to name a few. During the summer months, the signature beverage Mango on the Rocks can give you the perfect zing. Their Coconut Water with Chilli Cavier is equally enticing. The restaurant offers dishes from all over India and gives them delish twists.


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So, ditch cooking for a day and head over to this restaurant with your loved ones for a gourmet affair!

Address | 18, Richmond Town, Convent Road, Near Residency Road, Bangalore