This Cafe In Meena Bazaar Serves Dubai’s Cheapest Sandwich

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 755

Got AED 3 to spare? well, you’re in for a treat then. You don’t need big bucks to enjoy something yummy in Dubai. The city has a lot of hole-in-the-wall eateries that sells delicious burgers, sandwiches, and kebabs. CT Dubai has now discovered one such eatery, nestled in the buzzing lanes of Meena Bazaar. This is what could probably be Dubai’s cheapest sandwich and you can binge on this at the Farisian cafeteria.

Binge On Dubai’s Cheapest Sandwich For Just AED 3 At Farisian Cafeteria

Make your way through the hustle and bustle of Bur Dubai’s busy Meena Bazaar neighbourhood, and you can sink your teeth into a delicious sandwich. And the best part, it will just cost you AED 3. Earlier, the sandwiches were sold for a few Phils. However, times have changed, but what remains evergreen is the style and manner the pita wraps are dished out every evening.

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The cafe was started by Mohammad Ansari, back in the 70s. Ansari came to Dubai as a teenager aboard an abra from Iran. Ever since then, he has made Dubai his home and has been providing the cheapest and best way to fight hunger pangs. The sandwich is filled with a dash of freshly prepared green chutney made of coriander, mint, and ‘secret herbs’. It is then loaded with freshly cut veggies like cucumber, tomatoes and cabbage. It is then finished off with a patty in the form of a filafil, samosa or a potato vada. The take away here if the slight kick of the chilli which continues lingers on your tongue.


Location: Near Choithram Supermarket, Street 44 B, Meena Bazaar, Dubai
Timings: 4am – 12midnight
Contact: 0507579453

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to binge on other types of sandwiches in Meena Bazaar, Al Halawa Cafeteria is a must go. A huge roll loaded with samosa, fries and veggies; grilled to perfection- if this is making your drool, you’re in the right place! Al Halawa Cafeteria at Meena Bazaar serves this delicacy. And when you’re here, also try the chips sandwich which is priced at AED 8. Mind you, it’s huge and more than enough for one person.

And if you’re done with the binge, seal your meal with a inexpensive cup of pipping hot chai. While we can pick a dozen places that serve the best chai in Dubai, Hot Sip Cafe in Meena Bazaar is the only place in town which serves chai in an earthen clay pot called Kulhad. Check this out!

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