This Cafe In Sharjah Is Offering Falafel Snacks Starting From Just AED 5.50!

by Deeplata Garde
This Cafe In Sharjah Is Offering Falafel Snacks Starting From Just AED 5.50!

We can’t stop bragging about our love for Falafels! This Emirati street snack is a weakness rest assured! And we can’t tell ‘hummus’ we love it! Pun’s apart! Give us falafel with anything and you will find the plate wiped clean! And when we heard this cafe in Sharjah is offering Falafel snacks starting from just AED 5.50 it was a no-brainer that we rushed there! Let’s take you through this best falafel-selling spot in Sharjah.

Falafel Alrabiah Alkhadra Cafteria, Sharjah Has A Falafel-ly Surprise For Us!

We at CT Discovery are always hunting for something new to relish in the town. And coming across this spot was like a daydream for all the Falafel lovers. This modest street food corner cafe has much more to offer than it seems. And boy we tell you it’s quite famous in the Emirate for its crazy combinations. From the speed of the workers making the sandwiches to other snacks, we can understand the queue that must be lining up outside during busy hours.

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What Do We Eat Here?

Pic Creds: Canva Stock Images

Well of course start with Falafel sandwiches that will take care of your tastebuds and pocket as well. Didn’t we mention that the sandwiches are just for AED 5.50? Quite affordable isn’t it? But when you see the making of it in a blink of an eye it gives you jitters to get your hands on it quickly.

The man behind the counter swiftly spread hummus, falafels(which he mashes) some quick veggies and sauces. He wraps it up by swinging the cover and in no time this pocket-friendly scrumptious snack is in your hands to relish.

What else if you ain’t in the mood for Falafel? That’s highly impossible but if it happens, the venue offers pizzas, sandwiches of different types, Mix Makesy Ka”ak( bread), Palestinian delicacies and some beverages as well. So we assure you that you ain’t going back empty stomach.

Coming in with large groups? Well, you can order their combos and platters which might provide sufficient quantities. So now we have provided you with the options for every occasion and the number of people you decide to come in with.

So make plans before the prices increase! We already feel our mouths watering down!

Cover Image Courtesy: Zomato, Internal