This Coastal Town Of Turkey Is Fast Becoming A Much Preferred Million-Dollar Indian Wedding Destination

by Deeplata Garde
This Coastal Town Of Turkey Is Fast Becoming A Much Preferred Million-Dollar Indian Wedding Destination

The coastal town of Antalya reminds us of the Riviera cities from the French side. The hues of blue and the bleached walls here make a better pair than wine and cheese. Apart from the scenic beauty, there are multiple reasons to plan an escape to Antalya. How about a wedding at this beach destination?

Antalya Has Become An Fore Venue For Indian Destination Wedding

Indians love the wedding shindigs and they picture this event to be a larger-than-life type of special. And Antalya is a tourist attraction that provides everything from sand to sun along with luxuries to host a glamorous wedding. These are ample reasons for wealthy Indians to consider the city for a destination wedding.

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A Recent Millon-Dollar Wedding In Antalya Was Magnificient

This Indian Family involved in trading in Canada changed our perspective of luxurious destination weddings. Right from planning the wedding in Antalya six months prior to flying down guests to the destination, this family left no stone unturned to make this a bewitching event.

This was one of the most high-budget weddings to take place at Belek Tourism Center. The luxury hotels were booked well in advance for a comfortable stay of guests. 250 guests from India, 200 staff, artists and chefs were brought to Antalya by private aircraft from India by the family.

Let’s dive into the schedule details of this Millon Dollar wedding. The ceremony started with a welcome celebration. It was followed by the family of the bride and groom dancing and enjoying a bridal high tea on the second day.

With the assistance of the hotel’s chefs, 25 Indian cooks created unique dishes for the wedding. While relishing the scrumptious dishes, the crowd enjoyed the musician’s performances. A religious service and a barat ceremony took place on the third day. The wedding had a fully planned schedule for 3-days-3-nights.

According to an event manager from Turkey, Antalya has 23 weddings scheduled and they aim to host more than 50 weddings this year. The economy of Turkey is going to shoot up with such opulent investors taking interest to hold a destination wedding in this town.

Have you ever attended such an affluent destination wedding?

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