This UAE Emirate Is Emerging As The Hottest Destination For Big Fat & Rich Indian Weddings, And It’s Not Dubai!

by Deeplata Garde 178

We Indian tend to love marriages or at least the concept of it. Hence you would see all the shindig in Indian marriages from a long list of guests to days of ceremonies. We don’t believe in the theory of simple weddings. And destination weddings have always been in demand. And this Emirate in UAE has become suddenly an Indian-favourite wedding venue and to our surprise it’s not Dubai. Keep reading to find out the destination.

Ras Al Khaimah Is The New Destination Wedding Venue For Indians

Ras Al Khaimah is an intriguing wedding location because of its stunning resorts and beaches scattered throughout its mountainous and coastal landscape. Think about sand dunes, vibrant sunsets, starry nights, and camel rides into the distance.

Imagine getting married in presence of all this plus less cost compared to Dubai. Hence Indian couples are diverting to this Emirate as it provides budget-friendly packages with Dubai-like amenities and vibes.

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The Resorts In RAK Provide Affordable Packages For Weddings & Honeymoons


Pic Creds: Waldorf Astoria

This Emirate of UAE is gaining popularity of being a suitable honeymoon destination among Indian and international couples. The suitable weather conditions is making it favourable for post-wedding plans.

So if you are looking for venues in Ras Al Khaimah then we can help you with the list of 5 properties to plan a wedding or honeymoon.

1. Waldorf Astoria
2. Hilton RAK Beach Resort
3. Sonara Camp Al Wadi
4. Dhayah Fort
5. Ritz Carlton RAK

If you always wanted to have an Arabian Nights theme wedding then there’s no better place than Ras Al Khaimah in terms of affordability and surroundings.

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