This Country Issued Edible Metro Tickets Made Of Marijuana To Calm Travellers

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Country Issued Edible Metro Tickets Made Of Marijuana To Calm Travellers

Festive season stress is real. From running around to buy presents, cleaning homes to preparing huge bulks of desserts, the tasks seem never-ending, and might also make you a little anxious to get things done on time. Well, Germany’s Berlin has just the remedy to ease the stress of travellers during the Christmas season. Berlin’s public transport company (BVG)  sold edible metro tickets laced with marijuana oil. Read on to know more about this unique creation.

Berlin Metro Sold Edible Weed Tickets To Drive Away Christmas Stress

With the aim of combating Christmas stress, the Berlin metro system issued tickets made of edible paper that are sprinkled with just three drops of “hemp oil”. The one-of-a-kind “completely legal” tickets are valid for 24 hours. Passengers can buy these tickets and travel hassle-free across the city all day. On reaching their destination they can just gulp down the Christmas ticket and watch their stress fly away. The tickets costing € 8.80(₹750) promises to have a calming effect when consumed.

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Picture Credits: Fabian Sommer/ dpa

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The Tickets Were Made Of Edible Paper & Hemp Oil

The press release revealed that the hemp oil used in the tickets is 100 per cent vegetarian that also makes for a fine salad dressing. It suggested passengers wash down the tickets with the city’s popular one kebabs. These special Christmas tickets were distributed till December 17. Travellers who purchased the tickets had to choose their date of travel beforehand and get pre-validated as this edible paper couldn’t be stamped. Berlin’s edible weed metro tickets come at a time when Germany could become one of the first European countries to legalise marijuana for recreational purposes.