This Dangerously Located Riverside Café In Kasol Has Got Netizens Questioning Its Safety

by Vinita Jain
This Dangerously Located Riverside Café In Kasol Has Got Netizens Questioning Its Safety

Finding adventure and tranquility while traveling is great, but it should not cost your life. There are countless beautiful and wonderful places in our country, so you can avoid choosing the most dangerous places in the name of tranquility. Wanderlust is wonderful but visiting scary places that can even cost your life are not great. Travel influencers keep sharing informative and attractive reels of different-different places via Instagram. Some are fun to watch while some act therapeutic. Most of them challenge our wanderlusts. Recently a video of a café in Kasol surfaced on Twitter which questioned the netizen’s safety.

Scary Cafe In Kasol

A channel named Homestays & Villas posted a video on July 22. The video features ATS All Terrain Stay, a riverside café in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. A girl can be seen sitting just next to the river in the café and romanticizing her surroundings. The water flow level is quite high and it could be clearly seen how dangerous the location is. They captioned the video “The riverside café in Kasol Himachal Pradesh is just unbelievable.”

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Netizens Are Questioning Its Safety

The video on Twitter received more negative comments where people were claiming it is an unsafe place to visit. Although it is not a newly opened property, people have covered this café before also. But the little gap between the girl and the river flow has made this place look more dangerous. Well, it’s right because the cafe might look aesthetic but even weather forecasts fail sometimes to predict a high rainfall. Rain, in particular, can cause unexpected devastation in the hills.

Instead of romanticizing this as an aesthetic place, netizens are claiming it to be highly dangerous. You can clearly see from the video how little gap is there between the girl and the river. It is better to not risk your life by visiting this kind of scary place.

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