Woman Claims She Found 10 Hidden Cameras In Airbnb And It Sounds Scary

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Woman Claims She Found 10 Hidden Cameras In Airbnb And It Sounds Scary

We all have come across many incidents on news channels, in newspapers or on the internet where the stays that are booked by people have hidden cameras. Many times we touch the mirror of the changing rooms in the mall too so that we know if there are any hidden cameras. A woman in Philadelphia booked an AirBnB rental property and found out that there were about 10 hidden cameras in there. 

Cameras Hidden As Sprinklers

Apparently, a woman in Philadelphia said that there were more than 10 cameras hidden in the Airbnb rental she stayed in. The woman shared this scary story on Twitter warning all the travellers to be extra careful while booking accommodations for them. She posted a  series of tweets with images to show the hidden cameras she found on the property and also showed how they were disguised as sprinklers systems. The cameras were pointing straight at them while being concealed. She discovered them the next morning. 

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No Idea About The Owner

The woman further explained that the Airbnb property that she booked was under some business name and that she never got a chance to meet the owners. She did not even know how he or she sounded because they never picked up calls and conversed only on messages. They did not even pick up calls when the woman and her friend came to the property. The woman informed the Philadelphia police and the Airbnb but nothing helped much as they were only shifted to another property. 

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