5 Ways To Spot Hidden Camera In Trial Rooms Of Shopping Malls

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Ways To Spot Hidden Camera In Trial Rooms Of Shopping Malls

There have been so many instances in the past and present regarding spotting a hidden camera in trial rooms. It is an inhumane activity and an invasion of someone’s privacy. The person or people behind this records you while you are totally unaware of it. These people do not stop themselves and now it is your responsibility to take a step forward towards your safety. These are some helpful tips and tricks that you can apply to detect whether a trial room has a hidden camera.

Make Sure To Do These To Detect A Hidden Camera:

1. The Two-Way Mirror Test With Your Finger

The most common practice that mostly everyone does is by touching the mirror. If the mirror is a regular one then you will notice a small gap between your finger and its reflection. If you see that your finger and the reflection are touching (without any gap), then it is a 2-way mirror. It means that some horrible people are watching you at your barest.

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2. Turn On Your Mobile’s Flashlight

If the switch of the lights inside the trial room is in your control, then switch it off at first. Turn on the flashlight of your mobile and place it in front of the mirror. When the light falls on the mirror, you will get to see if there is any hidden camera present behind it.

3. Do The Mobile Test

The presence of a hidden camera inside the trial room will create problems for your mobile. The problem is nothing serious, only your mobile will not receive any network or signals. So make sure to check if your receptions are getting blocked outside and inside the trial room. If anyhow you cannot make a call inside the trial room but you were able to do it outside, then understand that there is a hidden camera present inside the room.

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4. Connect Your Mobile With Wi-Fi

Your mobile can be your best friend inside a trial room. Hidden cameras need Wi-Fi to run. So while entering the trial room, switch on your Wi-Fi and see if you can connect to the network closest inside the room. Use the ‘Fing’ app to identify other devices running with the same network. If you get anything like an IP camera or the names of any camera manufacturer, then you can be certain that you are being looked upon by a hidden camera.

5. Stare At The Mirror Closely

2-way mirrors are the most commonly used things to invade someone’s privacy inside a trial room. Stare at the mirror for some time closely, you might get to see something, only if it is a 2-way mirror. Lean towards the mirror and place your eyes against it. Make sure to block lights from your eye by putting your hands over them. If you block the light properly and stare for some time, you will be able to see what is behind the 2-way mirror, whether there is anyone or any hidden camera.