This Food Joint In Delhi Makes Bhurji With 30 Eggs And The Dish Looks Amazing

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Food Joint In Delhi Makes Bhurji With 30 Eggs And The Dish Looks Amazing

Our Desi anda bhurji is a wonderful breakfast dish that’s best consumed with soft pav and a glass of steaming hot tea. The Indian take on scrambled eggs, filled with oodles of masalas and chopped veggies will leave you asking for more. If you’re craving for anda bhurji, then one Delhi food joint is offering a larger than life anda bhurji made of 30 eggs. Read on to know more about it.

Delhi’s Mithlesh Ande Wala Prepares Anda Bhurji With 30 Eggs

At Delhi’s Mithlesh Ande Wala in Tilak Nagar you can gorge on a massive plate of anda bhurji made of 30 eggs. In a video posted by @oye.foodieee on Instagram, a street food vendor at this stall is seen preparing this dish from scratch. First, the man takes a huge block of butter and spreads it across the hot tawa. Net, he adds chopped onions, coriander, tomatoes and an array of spices and masalas. He mixes the concoction with a big spatula, then proceeds to add some more butter. Next, he breaks 30 eggs, one after the other and roasts the bhurji well. The dish is finished with an extra dose of butter, masala and topped with coriander. 

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They Are Also Known For Chicken Seekh Kebab Omelette

This anda bhurji made of a whopping 30 eggs certainly has us hooked. At Mithlesh Ande Wala, you can also try the Chicken Seekh Kebab Omelette, which is another speciality. Meanwhile, this video garnered many comments, with foodies complimenting the dish and expressing a desire to try it. Delhi is also home to Sardarji Omelette Wale, where an octogenarian serves delicious omelettes with a dollop of an inspiring personal story.