Forget Butter & Caramel Popcorn; There’s A New Egg Popcorn In Town & It’s Bizarre

by Sanjana Shenoy
Forget Butter & Caramel Popcorn; There’s A New Egg Popcorn In Town & It’s Bizarre

Popcorn lovers, you’d agree with me that in the world of popcorn, there has been a lot of innovations. It all started with salted and butter popcorn, served in movie theatres since time immemorial. Today we find ourselves munching on cheese popcorn, aromatic caramel popcorn, spicy chilly popcorn and even the occasional chocolate popcorn. But nothing has you prepared for the latest food invention- Egg Popcorn.

Egg Popcorn Is The Latest Food Trend

A video uploaded on Instagram by @scottsreality_ shows corn kernels being cooked in an egg. A pan is heated, the kernels are added. And later an egg is broken into the pan. The corn kernels are mixed with the runny egg, and after a few minutes, the popcorn is ready to be served. The bizarre video has garnered over 3.1 million views and 124k likes. While eggs are a popular breakfast snack and a key ingredient in bakery goodies, is anyone really up for egg flavoured popcorn?

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egg popcorn
Picture Credits: Instagram/@scottsreality_

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Egg Popcorn Video Shocks Foodies On Social Media

@scottsreality_ is known for wacky snacks. In another video, the Instagrammer has crushed pancakes using a mortar and pestle, added water, shaped the crushed mixture into small balls and gorged it. And if that’s shocking to you, then in another video he even cooked a book. Coming back to the egg popcorn, social media users were left confused. While one declared staying off popcorn after watching this video, another enquired if it tastes good. Meanwhile, here’s a video of the funkiest popcorn in Mumbai.