This Friendly Twitter Banter By Our Grounded Indian Airlines Will Amuse You

by Gizel Menezes
This Friendly Twitter Banter By Our Grounded Indian Airlines Will Amuse You

Looks like the coronavirus pandemic has managed to unite even the fiercest of competitors! In a rather rare display of friendship, several of our Indian airlines, grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic, engaged in some friendly banter on Twitter, and encouraged people to stay at home.

What made the conversations wittier and entertaining was the smart use of word-play on each of the brands’ advertising slogans, adding to the amusement of the Twitterati!

Airlines Engage In Friendly Banter

The conversation took flight when IndiGo teased Vistara, saying “Hey @airvistara, not #flyinghigher these days we heard?” with the hashtag #StayingParkedStayingSafe, which was used by all the airlines that joined in the conversation.

To which, Vistara replied, “These days being on-ground is a wonderful thing. Flying would not be the ‘smart’ choice, what say @goairlinesindia?” roping in GoAir into the conversation.

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Keeping the conversation going, GoAir responded, “Staying home is the safe feeling. We can hardly wait till everyone takes to the skies, coz at the moment it’s like #NowEveryoneCanFly right, @AirAsiaIndian?

Amused, Air Asia replied sassily, “Absolutely @goairlinesindia, for now though, staying at home is the Red. Hot. Spicy thing to do!” referring to SpiceJet’s tagline.

To which SpiceJet replied cleverly, “@AirAsiaIndian, good to know our thoughts match, like our colours! Been a while since this bird flew out of her cage. But we’re happy creating a safer tomorrow, today! Right @DelhiAirport?”

In its reply, the Delhi airport agreed with all of them and thanked them for giving everyone a reason to smile!

The chucklesome thread ended with Indigo putting up a message of unity and solidarity!

The thread has received a lot of love and comments from the Twitterati. Apart from being an excellent marketing strategy, this witty banter by the aviation folks has definitely lifted our spirits!

With no clarity on how long the lockdown is going to continue, and the aviation sector being the worst-hit, humor seems to unite these struggling airlines and keep them going!


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