This Ghost Themed Traditional Restaurant In Kolkata Will Leave You Awestruck!

by Shreya Ghosh
This Ghost Themed Traditional Restaurant In Kolkata Will Leave You Awestruck!

Bengalis and their love and respect for Satyajit Ray are simply unparalleled. Every Bengali grew up watching the masterpieces of Ray, especially the stories of Gupi and Bagha. Taking inspiration from these Bengali movies, Kolkata houses a unique restaurant. This restaurant in Kolkata took the influence and inspiration from these films and opened as ‘Bhooter Raja Dilo Bar’.

This Ghost Themed Restaurant In Kolkata Is Such A Special Experience

Nestled in Jadavpur, this place boasts the perfect ambience that brings out the essence of Gupi-Bagha films. The place has been decorated remarkably with every corner truly bringing out the essence of the theme and its vibes. This restaurant in Kolkata is very popular for such an innovative and entertaining ghost theme ambience. Bhooter Raja Dilo Bar is very affordable and just the perfect place to hang out while indulging in lip-smacking delicacies with family and friends.

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Indulge In Delectable Bengali Cuisines Here

Bhooter Raja Dilo Bar is very famous for serving the most delicious and authentic Bengali cuisine. From the forgotten Bengali foods to the most popular ones, this restaurant in Kolkata serves them all with the best flavours. The menu is quite huge with the inclusion of the most famous food items from the loved Bengali cuisine. In fact, they serve mouth-watering Bangladeshi foods. Thali has a massive fan following in this restaurant and the customers totally love to gorge on the tastiest thali full of authentic Bengali dishes.

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The dishes that you definitely need to try from the huge menu are:

  • Mahabhoj Thali
  • Dal With Coconut
  • Begun Basanti
  • Mochar Ghonto
  • Kochu Chingri
  • Bengali Pulao
  • Daab Chingri
  • Bhetki Paturi
  • Rajbarir Kosha Murgi
  • Mutton dak Banglow