This Hillstation In The Western Ghats Is Surrounded By Lush Green Vistas And Crystal Clear Waterways

by Ishita Agarwal
This Hillstation In The Western Ghats Is Surrounded By Lush Green Vistas And Crystal Clear Waterways

Ooty, one of the most picturesque hillstation in the western ghats, is always filled with vacationers, picnickers, and visitors. Avalanche Lake, no less than nature’s wonderland, is one of Ooty’s most enjoyable and lovely locations. A perfect environment exists for folks to spend time with their loved ones. Moreover, this lake is also suitable for fishing, and there is a nearby trout hatchery, where interested persons may obtain needs such as fishing rods and food. 

Avalanche Is A Hidden Hill Station For Your Next Holiday 

This stunning blue lake is in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris area, around 28 kilometres from Ooty. Due to a significant landslide in the area in early 1823, the lake currently plays a significant role in Ooty tourism, known as Avalanche. The surrounding rolling greens and crystal-clear waterways will win you over right away. Magnolias, orchids, and rhododendrons are just a few of the lovely flowering flowers that cover the whole area, adding to its all-natural splendour. 



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Things To Do At This Marvellous Place 

Boating, fishing, and trekking are just a few intriguing activities at Ooty’s Avalanche Lake. Let’s explore all the options here:

1) You may take a trek to the lush Upper Bhavani Region, close by.

2) Those who want to boat may take their loved ones on a boat journey on the lake.

3) The amazing and unexplored setting offers an ideal background for interested photographers.

4) trout fishing is another popular activity you can do in the area.

5) Camping is an option nearby.

6) Avalanche Lake is adjacent to several popular tourist destinations, including Rose Garden and Ooty Botanical Garden. 

The Avalanche office of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department may provide eco safaris. You may also encounter one of these stunning creatures while driving through the rain, over olive-green vegetation, and red dirt patches by a jeep, including the Sambar deer, a sloth bear, barking deers, and Nilgiri langur. 


When are you visiting this amazing hill station in the Western Ghats? 

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