This Indian Food Truck In Belgium Has Everyone Drooling Over Naga Food!

by Tejashee Kashyap
This Indian Food Truck In Belgium Has Everyone Drooling Over Naga Food!

The unique flavour profile and spiciness of Naga food make it a favourite among food lovers looking to try something new and adventurous. In recent years, Naga cuisine has gained popularity outside of the region, with restaurants opening in major cities across India and abroad. And if you happened to be in Belgium or planning to visit any time soon, a bright orange food truck, ‘Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen’ serves Naga food and has everyone going gaga over this cuisine!

Meet Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen

Based in Genk in Belgium, Lulu and her husband, Bob Staal, decided to take her cooking to new levels and bring North-East Indian cuisine to the streets of Belgium. Belonging to the Rongmei Naga tribe, she originally hails from Neikanlong, in Manipur. However, cooking has been part of her life since her early teens. And these earthy family recipes make all the difference in her simple but delicious food at Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen.

There has been a brush with Indian food in many Western countries, be it Chicken Tikka or Vindaloo, but few people are familiar with the cuisine of the Northeast.  It is a surprising, but delightful change for Genk, where meals are usually limited to meat, potatoes, and bread. Although Naga cuisine could be spicy and overwhelming at times, Lulu tries to curb it down for the consumers there, sometimes with a Raja Mircha on the side, or even, serving meat off the bone.

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Flavors Of Nagaland

Naga food is known for its spiciness, the use of bamboo shoots, and the inclusion of meat, especially pork. While her husband explains the core of the dishes and helps people to choose from the varied menu, Lulu stirs up delicious dishes, all cooked fresh and hot inside their van, Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen.

When the truck operates during summer in Europe, it serves approximately more than 1,000 plates of food a day—this is how popular the food is with the people of Belgium. The couple sources the raw materials and ingredients from Nagaland and Manipur itself. This helps to bring in authentic flavours and helps people understand the cuisine better.

One of the most popular dishes is Veggie Delight, a combination of green beans and Naga spices, as well as Tribal Gun, a smoked pork dish in pumpkin sauce. So, make sure to try these dishes the next time you’re in Belgium!

If Belgium is your next summer destination, don’t miss revelling in the soul food of Nagaland with Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen.

Cover image credits: Instagram/Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen