This Indian Tea Seller Couple Has Traveled The World

by Aditi Singh
by Aditi Singh 441

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65-year-old Vijayan and his wife Mohana, who run a small tea stall, have travelled to 17 countries in the last 40 years.

What Is It?

Love can move mountains but  wanderlust will take you there! This is what the Indian couple did. They followed what their heart intensely desired-the world! 17 countries in the last 40 years, this Indian couple with meager savings defied all stereotypes and learnt the code. The code to travel the world. He saves Rs 300 everyday, the small sum that his wife, Mohana, keeps safely inside a drawer. Believe it or not, this small sum is enough for this elderly couple to live their dream to travel. According to the couple they have together we have travelled to UK, AustriaEgyptFranceGermanyIsraelItalyMalaysiaSingapore, UAE and other countries.

What Else?

The story of this couple is so awe-inspiring that a short film names Invisible Wings was made on their journey through the world together. He believes that it’s his craziness and curiosity that led the couple to travel the world together.  In the short film he exclaims “I want to see the world. That’s my desire. My only desire!” So guys , this couple’s passion is exemplary to the adage – when you desire something, the whole world conspires to bring that to you. So all you curious travel fellas- put a finger on that map and get going!

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