This Is How Falguni Pathak Likes To Have Her Dabeli And Her Pani Puri

Falguni loves to eat street food and only prefers to eat ragda pani puri.

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is How Falguni Pathak Likes To Have Her Dabeli And Her Pani Puri

Falguni Pathak, also known as the Garba Queen of Mumbai, appeared on this episode of Tere Gully Mein with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. We organised to connect with the Garba Queen just in time for Navaratri. We also had the opportunity to see the ground and setup of her Garba nights in Borivali where thousands and thousands of people and celebrities come to enjoy garba and dance. She loves street food so we had to get her some dabelis and pani puris. Here we got to know that she likes her dabelis a little less spicy and pani puris with ragda only.

Falguni Pathak Eats Her Dabeli And Pani Puri In This Manner

On this exciting episode, we just focused on Falguni Pathak’s life, career and the various amounts of food we gorged on every five minutes or so. Today we are going to talk about how she enjoys eating street food and doesn’t shy away from it. Falguni shared that she almost regularly eats street food. Upon hearing this we were starry-eyed because Tere Gully Mein episodes consist of exploring street food.

We took Falguni Pathak to the famous Har Bhole Kutchi Dabeli street shop in Borivali. Kamiya ordered two dabelis but Falguni had some customisations to her dabeli. She said to the vendor that he should make it less spicy and not put any peanuts at all in her dabeli. Hmm, we wonder if she doesn’t like spicy food. Till the time they were served dabeli, they were surrounded by a crowd because people spotted the great Falguni Pathak!

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For Pani Puri, we went to Maa Anjani Pav Bhaji Centre and just as we pulled up to our location, we let her know that we were there for her favourite pani puris. Falguni Pathak cutely replied, “Lovely!” Just the reaction we were expecting. Kamiya wanted to enquire what type of pani puri Falguni prefers, either with a ragda or boondi wala. She told us that she is forever Team Ragda, so Kamiya followed the same.

They Also Ate Nylon Khaman At Murlidhar Sweets And Farsan

Falguni Pathak
Image Credits: Internal

Falguni Pathak was happy when we announced that we would have some Gujarati food because why not? When they visited Murlidhar Sweets And Farsan in Borivali West for some good Gujarati snacks, they stumbled upon Nylon Khaman. Falguni informed Kamiya that this was Nylon Khaman while Jalebi Fafda and Khaman Dhokla were being served. 

They both commented on how soft the Nylon Khamans were as soon as they bit into them. “It is very soft and juicy,” Kamiya remarked as she picked up the Khaman. Falguni answered in affirmative and told her that is why it is named Nylon Khaman. They then sampled Fafda which was served with papaya chutney. They went on to eat each and everything served in front of them.

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Comment down below if you like to have pani puri with ragda or boondi. We don’t want any comments on pani puri being called gol gappa or puchka; call it whatever you want and enjoy.

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