This Is How Mouni Roy Met Suraj Nambiar, Her Husband

Mouni Roy had a perfect Bollywood-style love at first sight!

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is How Mouni Roy Met Suraj Nambiar, Her Husband

Mouni Roy joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani for this Dussehra special Sunday Brunch episode to talk about Durga Puja, Bengali food and more. On this Valentine’s Day, we are sharing with you the mushy and cute love story of hers that she narrated in this episode. Can you take a wild guess of how it went down?

How Did Mouni Roy Meet Her Husband?

While gorging on good food at Mouni Roy’s Badmaash in Andheri West, Kamiya asked her if she would be willing to share her love story with us. Kamiya also emphasised the fact that Suraj Nambiar, Mouni’s husband was not from an entertainment background, so she wondered how they met. She replied, “It was a page out of a storybook, quite literally!” She told us that she met him while celebrating New Year’s Eve with her childhood bestie.

Mouni Roy went on to explain that there were nine couples and she was the only single girl out there. Just as the clock was about to strike midnight, she expressed her sorrow to her bestie about not finding the right guy. This feeling came about when she saw all the couples being lovey-dovey. Her bestie did God’s work in matchmaking as she took it upon herself to find the one for her, from the people present there.

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Mouni’s best friend pointed out to a guy in a white shirt and miraculously both Mouni and Suraj, locked eyes at the same time. Then he came up to her table and asked for her number, not knowing who she was. Well, the rest is history and they are now happily married. That is a classic Bollywood style meet cute love story!

Did She Actually Share Her Number?

Mouni Roy
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Mouni Roy told us that one of the first things Suraj asked was for her phone number. To which she straight up said no because she wanted to know if he was from the film background or not. But then how did he get her number, you ask? Well, Suraj’s courage made him snatch the phone from her and dial himself from it! She was undoubtedly impressed by this move.

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Comment clever ways you have gathered someone’s phone number.

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